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RoboCon 2022 - 2.07 Robot Framework for Silicon Validation

Robot Framework2022-10-21
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The video discusses the implementation of the Robot Framework for silicon validation in the industry, emphasizing the importance of traceability and team collaboration. Challenges with existing testing tools are highlighted, with a focus on simplifying communication and achieving efficiency. The importance of small, testable code components and addressing skepticism constructively is emphasized. The speaker shares lessons learned about gaining acceptance for the framework and the value of clear communication. Overall, the video showcases the benefits of collaboration, clear goals, and efficient testing processes in development projects.

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📊 Transcript
Discussion on the robot framework for silicon validation in the industry.
Introduction of engineers Neon Site and Engineer Two, along with their backgrounds and experiences.
Explanation of the silicon validation process and the importance of verifying chip functionality before production.
Emphasis on the need for traceability, repeatability, and reproducibility in the development process.
Demonstration of the use of the robot framework for analyzing chips through thermal imaging and sharing lessons learned during the implementation phase.
Importance of Modern Tools in Development
Utilizing version control, unit tests, mutation testing, and test estimates are crucial for efficient development processes.
Tools are necessary to fill the gaps left by the absence of peer reviews.
Collaborating with supportive partners is more effective than relying solely on individual efforts.
Validating chips already in production poses challenges, with potential market repercussions in case of failure.
Personal anecdote shared about a memory chip issue impacting quality control and team trust.
Challenges with testing tool implementation.
Original solution similar to Robot Framework but became complex with additional tools added over time, leading to maintenance problems.
Replacement tool introduced 10 years ago still faced challenges, extensive tool chain making source control difficult and changes hard to track.
Micromanagement needed for simple tasks, causing inconvenience for users.
Overall, tool received minimal enthusiasm and users did not favor it much.
The Robot Framework approach in automation testing simplifies communication and collaboration among team members.
By integrating LabVIEW components into .NET components for the keyword library, efficient results can be achieved.
The approach streamlines the automation process, making it accessible even for those unfamiliar with the framework.
Success with this method is quickly verifiable using existing analysis tools, ensuring reliability and efficiency in testing.
Key highlights from the YouTube video segment.
The team effectively worked together, utilizing strengths and seeking support from experts.
Clear goals were set, including traceability, repeatability, and reusability.
Productive teamwork enabled seamless transitions when members were absent.
Emphasis was placed on building alliances, sharing success openly, and operating as equals in the development process.
Importance of small, testable code components in large projects.
Emphasized the need for individual testing and checking to ensure functionality.
Benefits of using robot frameworks for composing code pieces.
Dealing with skeptics and poorly researched complaints constructively.
Improving documentation and addressing concerns publicly and politely.
Challenges of gaining acceptance for Robot Framework.
Conveying benefits to non-technical individuals can be difficult.
Importance of communication and providing practical examples for understanding.
Lessons learned: simplify explanations and make technology accessible for successful implementation.
Importance of rules and learning from breaking them.
Emphasizes knowing when to say no and understanding orthogonal keywords.
Less nesting for mutation testing is beneficial.
Explains the process of mutation testing with minimal dependencies using cosmic ray.
Working with small code pieces is easier and gratitude is expressed for the informative talk.