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I Ranked a Google My Business Listing N#1 in 96 hrs (With One Simple Change)

Ranking Academy2021-04-20
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The video discusses how adding relevant keywords to a business name on Google My Business listing can rapidly improve local search rankings, despite the risk of violating guidelines. Tools like Local Rank Tracker and Local Falcon are recommended for monitoring and analyzing competitors. Strategic keyword inclusion can boost visibility and attract more customers, as demonstrated by a dentist in Toxin. Overall, careful consideration of business name changes can lead to significant improvements in search engine rankings and overall performance.

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Achieving Top Ranking on Google Local Maps and Map Pack.
The speaker's Google My Business listing quickly reached the top spot after a simple change.
Tools like Local Rank Tracker and Google Map Scan Tool were used to monitor progress.
The listing belonged to a web design freelancer in London aiming to rank high for 'web design Wimbledon'.
Visibility in nearby neighborhoods based on postcodes was also checked, showing the effectiveness of the tools used.
Impact of Adding Keywords to Business Name in Google Listings.
Adding the keyword 'web design Wimbledon' boosted local ranking in London postcodes SW18, SW17, and SW15.
The listing jumped from position 11 to number 2 in just three days after the change.
This practice contradicts Google My Business guidelines, as the business name should reflect the real-world name and not be stuffed with keywords.
While adding keywords may increase visibility, there is a risk of suspension if caught by Google for violating guidelines.
Improving Google ranking through competitor analysis and utilizing tools like Local Falcon.
Analyzing competitors' business names for keyword advantage and reporting violations to Google can lead to correction or suspension.
Changing business name to include target keywords can boost visibility without suspension risk.
Careful selection of business name impacts Google visibility significantly.
Experiment showed rapid ranking changes within 24-48 hours based on keyword inclusion or exclusion in business name.
Importance of strategic name changes for improving search ranking positions.
Changing the name of a business listing to include relevant keywords can lead to significant improvements in search ranking positions.
This tactic is especially beneficial for businesses in high-volume search verticals, where potential customers are likely to spend more money.
The example of a dentist in Toxin illustrates the impact of targeting specific keywords on search performance and visibility.
The video stresses the importance of considering name changes to optimize search engine rankings and attract more customers.