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Perplexity AI Beginner's Tutorial - AMAZING NEW search engine

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Perplexity AI is a new search engine startup using generative AI to provide direct answers, aiming to compete with Google. The company values efficiency, offers a clean interface, and has raised significant capital. Perplexity AI streamlines information retrieval, provides personalized recommendations, and offers a Pro Plan for advanced features. It emphasizes the importance of verifying information reliability and offers a solution for better research capabilities, challenging Google's dominance in delivering precise and relevant search results. The startup has received investments from Tech Giants like Jeff Bezos, marking the beginning of an AI startups Revolution.

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Perplexity AI: A new search engine startup aiming to compete with Google by using generative AI to provide direct answers.
The company values efficiency and offers a clean and minimal product without ads, having raised significant capital.
Perplexity AI utilizes advanced AI to understand context and provide relevant, credible information quickly.
The tool is user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible to all users, making research more productive.
It offers a new experience in online search, with a free option or a pro subscription for $20 per month.
Perplexity AI offers a clean interface with a Pro Plan, focus sets for sources, and file attachments like images, text, and PDFs.
CoPilot is an AI assistant providing personalized recommendations and information search assistance.
The model provides answers, related questions, and follow-ups, aiding in deeper information exploration.
Pro Plan unlocks features like search images and videos.
Sources are shown for model information gathering, with direct links to the original sources.
Varieties of Plans for a Search Engine.
Pro subscription offers access to Cloud gbd4 experimental models and the ability to specify included or excluded sources for detailed research.
Pro Plan allows direct editing of queries for more control over search results.
Perplexity AI search engine raises a significant amount of money, valuing the company at 520 million.
Emphasis on verifying information reliability through multiple sources.
Comparison between Google and Perplexity AI in providing reliable information online.
Perplexity AI is favored for research due to its training data, offering better results than Google or Chat JPT.
Highlighted menu bar options for making the interface cleaner and more organized.
Exploration of the concept of threads, representing questions asked to the model.
Demonstration of how new questions are added to the list and showcasing the home page for asking questions and the discover section based on previous inquiries.
Efficient organization of queries using a tailored model.
Features of creating collections for improved search experience.
Ability to delete threads, ask new questions, and organize queries based on personal preferences.
Benefits of creating collections for specific types of queries, such as academic papers on AI.
Enhancing summarization and search capabilities through tailored collections.
Demonstrating the use of a watermelon tool for creating paper summaries.
The tool generates suggestions based on input title and analyzes attached PDF files.
Training large language networks for understanding long videos and sequences is a key focus.
Findings are organized in bullet points with detailed study information provided.
Collections can be created for different topics such as AI and academic papers, with various query options for research purposes.
Various modes of search engines are discussed, including knowledge engines, YouTube, Reddit, and WFR Alpha.
Keywords are emphasized for detailed and specific searches.
Different modes offer unique features for various types of searches and information retrieval.
Examples include a knowledge engine for mathematical inquiries, YouTube for video searches, Reddit for discussions, and WFR Alpha for computational data.
Discussion on opinions and pros and cons of the game Elden Ring, with sources from Reddit.
The game has received both praise and criticism from players.
The video explores popular weapons in Elden Ring and tips for using them.
Instructions on using AI models and image generation in profile settings are covered.
Specific instructions for queries and collections are highlighted, affecting query results.
Perplexity AI revolutionizes information access with AI technology.
It offers reliable search results and reduces misinformation and ads.
The AI provides faster, simpler, and tailored information.
Perplexity AI challenges Google's dominance in search.
It aims to deliver precise and relevant search results tailored to individual needs.
Rise of a Google Rival Backed by Tech Giants and AI Investment.
A new startup is challenging Google with investments from tech giants and cutting-edge AI.
Investors like Jeff Bezos are supporting this Google rival, signaling the start of an AI startups revolution.
The battle between new corporations has just begun, prompting caution in the use of this emerging technology.