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How To Mine GRAM - GPU Mining Money Printing

Rabid Mining2024-03-26
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The video provides a tutorial on GPU mining the cryptocurrency Gram on the Ton blockchain, focusing on setting up a Ton wallet, choosing a mining pool like Ice Mining, and using LOL Miner for efficient mining. Tips on overclocking GPUs, setting up flight sheets, and configuring power supply for mining rigs are also covered. Despite high fees, Gram remains profitable and popular among miners. The speaker emphasizes the importance of correct settings and calculations for optimized mining efficiency. Overall, the video offers practical insights and tips for cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts.

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Overview of GPU mining the cryptocurrency Gram on the Ton blockchain.
Viewers are guided on setting up a Ton wallet, adding Gram to the wallet, and choosing a mining pool like Ice Mining.
Highlighting the high fees associated with mining Gram compared to other pools.
Despite the fees, Gram has shown profitable trends and remained a top coin.
Tutorial demonstrates using LOL Miner for mining Gram and emphasizes considering fees in profit calculations.
Setting up LOL Miner for efficient mining.
Step-by-step guide on editing pool parameters, adding wallet address, and naming the worker.
Importance of correct settings for memory and core clock to optimize mining efficiency.
Showcasing LOL Miner GUI for Windows and setting up mining in HiOS.
Valuable insights and practical tips for cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts.
The segment covers creating wallet and configuring pool settings for mining.
It also discusses minor configurations and provides details on overclocking GPUs.
Proper GPU counting is emphasized for assigning overclocks.
Insights are shared on core clock, memory lock, and power limit settings.
The video highlights the potential risks of incorrect configurations and stresses the importance of accurate setup for efficient mining operations.
Setting up power supply efficiently for mining rigs in Windows or Linux.
Viewers are encouraged to get their rigs up and running to take advantage of the upcoming bull run.
The video concludes with a thank you message.
The speaker promises more content in the future.