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China’s Fundamental Economic Problem

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China's economy is facing challenges such as rising unemployment, declining real estate sales, and a shrinking population. Despite past successes, concerns arise about the sustainability of China's economic growth model, which heavily relies on borrowing, state subsidies, and infrastructure projects. The country's capital-to-output ratio has worsened, and efforts to boost GDP through increased consumption face obstacles due to consumer hesitancy. The impact of a shrinking population and reduced consumer confidence on economic growth is evident, although China's middle class remains resilient.

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Challenges in the Chinese economy are evident through rising unemployment, declining real estate sales, and a shrinking population.
China has successfully rebounded from past crises like the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.
The country's economic strategy includes easy borrowing, state subsidies, and massive infrastructure projects to stimulate job creation and GDP growth.
Concerns persist about the sustainability of China's economic growth model and the necessity for continual investment to sustain growth.
China's capital-to-output ratio has worsened, with construction returns diminishing.
China's infrastructure is already advanced, with numerous high-speed rails and highways.
China is resorting to questionable projects like building the tallest bridge in a poverty-stricken area.
The country faces a dilemma as the old GDP growth model is no longer effective.
To boost GDP, China must focus on increasing consumption, but convincing people to spend more is challenging.
Impact of Property Market on Chinese Consumers
Chinese consumers are concerned about property no longer being a secure investment, causing a decline in spending confidence.
Decreased confidence has led to increased savings, reduced spending on big purchases, and domestic travel.
Lower prices by companies to encourage purchases have resulted in layoffs and reduced wages, further impacting consumer confidence.
China's economic growth is slowing due to demographic changes, including a shrinking population and decreasing labor force.