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What are the ideal reps and sets for muscle hypertrophy? | Peter Attia and Layne Norton

Peter Attia MD2024-04-06
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Research shows that muscle can be built with a wide range of reps, focusing on hard sets over specific rep ranges. Ideal hypertrophy rep range is 6 to 10 sets per body part. Longer rest intervals lead to better performance. Recovery is crucial to avoid overdoing sets. Full range of motion is essential for optimal muscle growth. Alternative exercises like hack squats can provide similar results with less strain.

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Building muscle can be achieved with a wide range of reps, from 1 to 30, contrary to traditional beliefs.
The focus should be on the number of hard sets rather than specific rep ranges for muscle growth.
Adherence and enjoyment are crucial in determining the ideal rep range for hypertrophy.
The sweet spot for hard sets per body part is around 6 to 10 sets per session.
Longer rest intervals between sets lead to better performance and potential for more weight/reps per set.
Importance of recovery and adaptation in weightlifting.
Challenges of daily squatting and deadlifting, both mentally and physically.
Anecdote about the recovery debt created by heavy lifting.
Advice on alternative exercises like hack squats or leg presses for similar results.
Emphasis on working through a full range of motion for effective training.
Importance of Full Range of Motion for Muscle Growth
Recent metaanalysis indicates that working a muscle at a long muscle length leads to greater hypertrophy compared to partial range of motion at shortened muscle lengths.
Optimal muscle growth is achieved when exercises are performed through the full range of motion.