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Why I left Google

Paul Kim2022-04-24
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The speaker shares their challenging experience at Google, dealing with unstable management, micromanagement, and toxic behavior. They stress the importance of recognizing warning signs early, seeking a supportive work environment, and valuing self-worth. Ultimately, they decided to leave for a new opportunity, leading to positive changes. The speaker hopes to inspire others facing similar situations and encourages sharing experiences to help others navigate toxic work environments.

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Negative experience at Google due to multiple managers in a year.
Initial positive experiences turned negative with micromanagement, emotional behavior, and confrontational attitude from the new manager.
Passive aggressiveness and communication issues created tension and discomfort.
Importance of recognizing warning signs early on and sharing lessons learned from the challenging situation.
Dealing with a challenging manager and negative team dynamics.
Efforts to address the issues were made, but ultimately led to leaving for a new opportunity.
Lessons learned about recognizing warning signs and seeking a supportive work environment.
Importance of empathetic leadership was highlighted.
Decision to leave was validated by colleagues also departing shortly after.
Warning signs of toxic work environments.
Micromanaging, emotional outbursts, and petty behavior are key indicators.
Importance of professionalism, leaving on good terms, and avoiding burning bridges.
Valuing self-worth and not engaging with negative individuals is recommended.
Encouragement to share experiences and provide feedback for future content.