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Crispy Garlic Chive Dumplings Recipe (Guichai Tod) กุยช่ายทอด | Thai Recipes

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The video showcases the making of a popular Thai street snack called kanom guichai with garlic chives as the main ingredient. It also demonstrates making a dipping sauce for dumplings and a dense cake. Despite not looking healthy, the snack is crispy outside, soft inside, and flavorful. The recipe is available for viewers to try, and Adam endorses the dish positively.

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Making of popular Thai street snack kanom guichai featuring garlic chives.
Chives cut into small pieces, seasoned with salt, soy sauce, sugar, and white pepper.
Baking soda added to maintain green color, garlic oil and tapioca starch for texture.
Emphasis on 'easy' version of snack with simple dough mixture.
Contrasting 'hard' and 'easy' versions of the snack preparation.
Making a Dipping Sauce for Dumplings and Preparing a Steamed-Fried Cake.
The dipping sauce consists of white vinegar, water, sugar, soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chili garlic paste.
Mixing the ingredients creates a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce for dumplings.
The dense cake is steamed, fried into crispy cubes, and cooked in oil until golden brown.
Ensuring the cubes remain separate prevents sticking together and results in a crispy texture.
Delicious and Crispy Vegetable Dish with Flavorful Dipping Sauce.
The dish may not look healthy with vegetables but tastes delicious, crispy outside and soft inside with a flavorful dipping sauce.
The mild garlic chives blend well, and it's a must-try despite initial appearances.
The recipe is available on the website, encourages sharing photos on social media, and subscribing to the channel for more episodes.
Viewers can support the show through Patreon, and the segment ends with a positive endorsement of the dish by Adam.