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Emma Stone Wins Best Actress for 'Poor Things' | 96th Oscars (2024)

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Actresses Sandra, Emma Stone, and Annette are praised for their outstanding performances in various films, showcasing dedication and talent. The speaker expresses gratitude towards her team and family, emphasizing teamwork and collaboration in creating successful films.

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Praise for Outstanding Performances by Actresses in Various Films
Sandra's portrayal in 'Anatomy of a Fall' is noted for its ambiguity.
Emma Stone's character in 'Bella' is described as original and fearless.
Annette's role involves enduring physical challenges for her art.
Carrie Mulligan's excellence in portraying Leonard Bernstein's wife is highlighted, showcasing her unique humanity in every role.
Acknowledgment of collaborative effort in movie-making.
Recognition of the support and contributions of cast and crew members.
Gratitude towards family, especially daughter, and expression of immense love.
Emphasis on the importance of teamwork and collective effort in creating a successful film.