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Joel Kaplan2020-12-28
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In the video "HighLevel Day 3: Offer Creation with Joel Kaplan," Joel Kaplan discusses creating "easy yes" offers for sales and prospecting, targeting specific niches, and customizing offers for businesses like realtors. He emphasizes the importance of making irresistible offers that are easy for business owners to say yes to. Kaplan also mentions his top three favorite offers for beginners with agencies and offers to build out a custom offer for the audience. The video discusses the concept of an 'easy yes offer' in business, which aims to make an offer that prospects want to say yes to by aligning with their desires and pain points. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the client's needs and tailoring the offer accordingly, and explains that beginners may need a more powerful offer to compensate for a lack of social proof. Joel Erway discusses the elements of an 'easy yes' offer in marketing, including making a big promise or guarantee, risk reversal, unique mechanism, urgency, and bundling. He emphasizes the importance of standing out and continually improving offers to beat the competition in any niche. Joel Erway and Jason Hornung discuss the importance of creating powerful offers in marketing, and how beginners should focus on building strong offers with added value in order to attract clients. They also touch on the significance of pricing and the need to constantly add more value rather than lowering prices. The video discusses the top three favorite offers for beginners in the digital marketing industry, which are a 30-day money-back guarantee, a seven-day free trial with quick results, and database reactivation where appointments are booked for the client's existing audience for free. These offers are aimed at helping beginners build momentum, gain experience, and learn how to get results for their clients. The key points of the video are about a high-level offer for marketing agencies to land clients, which includes setting up a free database reactivation campaign, guaranteeing 10 appointments in 10 days with zero ad spend, and offering further marketing services. The video emphasizes the importance of making strong offers and the need to help business owners level up in order to get great results. In the YouTube video, a speaker discusses a strategy for agencies to offer zero ad spend database reactivation to potential clients, using tools like high-level for email and text blasts. The speaker emphasizes the importance of practice, mindset, and finding ways to make the strategy work for different types of businesses. He also highlights the low risk and potential benefits of this approach for both beginners and advanced marketers. The video discusses strategies for creating powerful offers in marketing, such as leveraging holidays for special promotions, conducting reactivation campaigns, and customizing offers based on different niches. It also emphasizes the importance of making it easy for clients to say yes and adding value to the offers. Specific examples and ideas for offer structures are provided for various industries, including e-commerce, chiropractic, and car dealerships. Joel Kaplan and Iman Gadzhi discuss strategies for getting appointments and clients for digital marketing agencies, including the option of offering a 10-day trial to prove results without any ad spend, and advising on niche selection and client database building. In this video, two marketing experts discuss database reactivation and answer questions from viewers about the number of people needed in a database for a successful reactivation campaign, conversion rates, and handling exclusivity for different businesses such as chiropractors. They emphasize the importance of understanding the specific niche and setting realistic expectations for the campaign. The video is about digital marketing and discusses the misconception of needing a local presence to build a business. The speaker emphasizes the importance of personalization and simplicity in communication, using examples of text message campaigns. They also touch on managing large email databases and the limitations of certain platforms for prospecting. The video is a recording of a discussion among digital marketing experts about strategies and challenges in the industry. Topics include using multiple email accounts for outbound marketing, offering software as a service (SaaS) as a foot in the door for clients, and the limitations of traditional retainer-based marketing agencies. The experts emphasize the importance of having sellable and scalable business models in the digital marketing industry. In the video, a discussion about selling Software as a Service (SaaS) in the marketing industry is presented. The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing when and how to offer SaaS, and suggests starting with selling marketing services before transitioning to SaaS. The video also touches on the user-friendliness of SaaS and the potential for upselling additional services to clients. In the YouTube video, the speaker discusses improving service delivery for clients in the marketing space, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling offers and managing client expectations. He also advises focusing on local market relevance and scaling through marketing and sales skills. Additionally, the speaker suggests specializing in one service for better scalability and addressing the challenges of onboarding multiple clients quickly. During a consulting session, a small business owner in the content creation space discusses their struggles with creating effective marketing offers for real estate agents. They focus on the need to clearly define the specific results and benefits their services can provide, such as saving time for busy realtors, and tailor their offers to resonate with their target audience. In the video, the speaker discusses launching ads and offers a workshop on the topic, emphasizing the importance of understanding the client's desired results and situation in sales pitches. He also stresses the need for a variety of offers and the constant evolution of successful offers in the advertising industry.

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The goal of an easy yes offer is to make a proposition that is easy for the business owner to say yes to.
The offer should align with the prospect's desires and pain points.
It's important to understand the common pain points and desires of your niche.
Researching and offering what the clients want and need is key.
An easy yes offer is tailored to the specific needs of the client and is easier for beginners to make when they lack social proof.
Beginners may need a more powerful offer that is even easier for people to say yes to.
As you gain more experience and social proof, the offer doesn't need to be as 'crazy'.
The offer should be aligned with what the client wants and needs, taking into consideration their existing capacity and challenges.
For example, offering to hire a team member to support the client in handling leads for dentists who lack dedicated front desk staff.
The offer should solve a problem or make the client's life easier.
The power of having a strong offer and social proof in your niche.
Results, social proof, and case studies are important to prove your ability to deliver.
Releasing a unique and strong offer can give you a competitive edge.
Even established businesses can benefit from releasing a 'crazy offer'.
Important to answer questions and provide support when discussing complex topics.
Elements of an 'easy yes' offer for agency owners.
Encourage agency owners to improve existing offers in their niche.
Big promise or guarantee makes it easy for people to say yes.
Top three promises for lead gen agencies are leads, appointments, and walk-ins.
Risk reversal strategy - removing the element of risk makes it easier for someone to say yes.
Introducing a unique mechanism that makes your system work better than others.
More elements of an 'easy yes' offer and strategies to make it easier for clients to say yes.
Adding urgency by offering a bonus for signing up by a specific date.
Bundling services to provide what clients want while also offering what they need.
Adding value to your offer is key to getting people to say yes.
Consider bundling services or adding bonuses to make your offer more attractive.
Promising more, removing risk, introducing a unique mechanism, and having social proof can also make your offer more irresistible.
Having a powerful offer is important for beginners, as it provides support until they have built up their brand and reputation.
The best offers for beginners are those that provide support and are irresistible.
Beginners need a strong offer because they haven't earned the right to rely on their brand or reputation alone.
Case studies, social proof, and referrals can reduce the need for a strong offer, but it's still beneficial to have one.
Having a strong offer is especially important when approaching a new niche.
Industry expertise and leverage are important when making an offer.
Running a small business or franchise does not necessarily make you an industry expert.
Consider your audience and influence when determining your leverage in the industry.
Adding value is a better approach than lowering the price to make a better offer.
Pricing should align with industry standards, with beginners charging $1000-$1500 per month for local businesses.
Top Three Favorite Offers for Beginners
First favorite offer is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the management fee, easy for beginners to get clients to say yes.
Second favorite offer is a seven-day free trial for running ads, where you make them pay for ad spend and show them quick, impressive results.
Third favorite offer is database reactivation, where you help the business land appointments from their existing audience for free to prove your ability to get results.
Failing to set clear expectations and contingencies can lead to entering a new sales cycle and losing time.
The speaker didn't set clear expectations with the dentist client and ended up having to enter a new sales cycle.
This resulted in the potential loss of a month because the speaker didn't set the contingency of their first offer.
The marketing agency model assumes business owners are good at business, but most are not.
The marketing agency model makes the huge error of assuming that all business owners are good at business.
To address this, the speaker does a hybrid of marketing services and coaching to help business owners level up.
The ultimate goal is to help clients thrive on the marketing services by also being a consultant and advisor.
The high-level offer is to set up the first database reactivation for free and guarantee 10 appointments in 10 days with zero ad spend.
The offer is designed to be powerful and attractive for both beginners and advanced individuals.
It includes setting up the first database reactivation for free, following up with all leads for free, and guaranteeing 10 appointments in 10 days with zero ad spend.
The goal is to make it easy for people to say yes and for the offer to work for those just starting out or already earning $250k a month.
The speaker makes a no-obligation offer to a chiropractor, emphasizing the proof of concept before payment.
The speaker offers to set up a full database reactivation campaign for free and get 10 booked appointments in 10 days before any payment is required.
After proving the effectiveness, the chiropractor has the option to sign up for ongoing reactivation and follow-up for a monthly fee.
The speaker highlights that this approach has been successful for their agency, even though they were initially not good at sales and marketing.
The offer has also worked for other sales agencies across multiple continents.
Sales Practice and Approach
The biggest learning point for agencies offering this is to practice daily sales with two or three agency or marketing friends and review calls to identify areas for improvement.
Wearing scrubs and bringing bundt cakes helped gain access to hospitals and clinics for business meetings.
Database reactivation allows access to emails and phone numbers for reactivation through email and text blasts, with the option to offer running ads if the client has a small database.
Using the holiday season to leverage marketing campaigns and grow business.
During the holiday season, it's a good time to think about how to leverage the landscape for marketing.
Ideas include easy database reactivation, holiday specials for different businesses, and using the Google review campaign to celebrate during the holidays.
Offering reactivation campaigns and creative marketing strategies to retain customers.
Offering a reactivation campaign with no cost and crediting the client if they're struggling with marketing.
In niches like real estate, offering a bonus for introducing new clients or creative marketing strategies like a $100 Amazon gift card.
Other strategies include the seven-day free trial for ads and money-back guarantee.
Tailoring offers to suit the specific pros and cons of each niche.
Creating tailored offers for different niches, with examples for e-commerce, chiropractors, and car dealers.
For e-commerce, the offer is a 20% increase in sales in 60 days or money back, using a combination of YouTube and Facebook ads with holiday email marketing as a bonus.
For chiropractors, the advice is to get feedback from clients to tailor the offer, with an example of letting clients name their price for the first month.
Car dealers could use a 'choose your own adventure' type of offer where the client gets to pick how much they want to invest.
Principles behind making a powerful offer and the importance of making it easy for people to say yes.
Make it easier for people to say yes to you
Figure out ways to add more value to your offer
The chosen offer to roll with is providing free database reactivation or Google review campaigns and following up on leads for business owners
Joel offers to get 10 appointments in 10 days with zero ad spend for gym owners
Joel guarantees 10 appointments without the need to pay for ads on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Google.
After the initial 10 appointments, the monthly cost is $1500, with a $500 discount if the gym owner decides to start immediately.
The goal is to prove the effectiveness before the gym owner invests further.
Feedback and questions from gym owner John and Mr. Stevenson
Joel emphasizes that the advice is based on real experience in building agencies and getting results.
Mr. Stevenson asks about targeting fish and chip shops in the UK and how to build a database if the customer doesn't have one.
Joel suggests that fish and chip shops may not be the best niche, as it would require a large volume of clients to make it work.
He recommends going after an easier niche where you only need to get them 10 clients for it to make sense.
If a business doesn't have enough emails and phone numbers in their database, Joel suggests pitching them on running ads or asking them to cover the ad spend for a trial period.
The number of people needed in a database for a reactivation campaign depends on the niche and the engagement level of the audience.
For some services like chiropractors, a smaller database may suffice because people can come back at any time.
Services like dentists and realtors may require a larger database due to different engagement levels.
Restaurants may not need a large database if they can attract customers with email offers.
Age and activity of the database are also important factors to consider for a reactivation campaign.
Setting expectations with the business owner is important, and agencies should educate them on the need for a larger database for guaranteed results.
Business owners may not be prepared to fully leverage marketing efforts.
Agencies can protect themselves by setting a minimum number of people in the database for guaranteeing results.
Educating the business owner on the importance of database size is essential.
Conversion rate is not a major concern at the initial stage of database reactivation. The focus should be on setting and closing appointments.
It's more important to take action and proactively reach out to potential customers.
Predicting conversion rates for different niches is not as effective as actually trying database reactivation for 10 people in the niche.
Conversion rate becomes relevant after the reactivation campaign is in progress.
Exclusivity in marketing for multiple businesses in the same area may not be as significant as perceived, especially if the creatives and offers are different.
Exclusivity may only matter if the businesses are very close to each other and offer the same services.
In a small town with limited potential customers, exclusivity could be more important.
For beginners, it's recommended to focus on easier opportunities and not worry too much about exclusivity.
Scaling marketing efforts nationwide or worldwide is possible in the online space.
Local presence is not necessary for building a business, according to the speaker.
The speaker mentions that as a big traditional agency, they did everything related to marketing, regardless of local presence.
They found that simply being locally present did not attract clients.
Instead of networking in person, the speaker suggests sending emails to potential clients.
The belief is that a local presence is an illusion for big agencies.
HighLevel may provide templates for database reactivation, but the speaker suggests keeping it simple and personalized.
HighLevel may offer templates for database reactivation, but the speaker recommends keeping it simple and personalized.
The speaker mentions using a zoom call with the business owner to gather input for text campaigns.
They advise against being too salesy in the messages to create a more conversational and humanized approach.
For prospecting and sales, it's recommended to slice up a large client database and focus on a smaller, more manageable segment.
If a client has a database that's too big, the speaker suggests slicing it up and focusing on a smaller segment for reactivation.
For prospecting at scale, the speaker does not recommend using HighLevel if sending less than 12 to 1500 emails a day.
It's advised to pick an industry that's saturated enough and big enough for long-term success in sales.
Discussion about using multiple Gmail accounts to send outbound emails at scale.
The strategy involves creating a hundred Gmail accounts and having virtual assistants (VAs) send five to ten emails a day from each account.
This approach helps to avoid getting flagged for mass volume outbound email.
Question about the pricing strategy for the DVR (digital video recorder) service for clients.
Is the company charging a monthly fee for the DVR service?
Is there an upsell to a bundle of services after offering the DVR as a foot in the door?
Emphasis on providing new leads and the potential for selling a bundle of services for a monthly fee.
Main focus is on generating new leads through various platforms.
Mention of bundling different functionalities into services for a monthly fee.
SAS (Software as a Service) offer is seen as an option for high-level agencies to separate from traditional marketing agency offers.
Selling SAS offers as a way to retain clients and make the agency business more sellable.
Digital marketing agencies are often dependent on a few people and face high churn, making them less attractive for acquisition.
SAS offers provide a more predictable revenue stream and can be an alternative when clients are not comfortable with the upfront investment.
SAS offers can also be sold when the agency struggles to deliver results in a specific industry.
SAS (Software as a Service) offer is discussed as a way to increase profitability and retain clients.
SAS offer is recommended for businesses that are familiar with marketing and have a client base.
It allows for a steady increase in revenue over time.
The user-friendliness of SAS in HighLevel is expected to improve with the introduction of visual flow and billing management.
SAS offer for 200 bucks a month with two-way text reviews is presented as a way to control profitability.
HighLevel will release a SAS (Software as a Service) feature with improved user-friendliness and billing management.
The SAS feature is expected to have a visual flow for better understanding.
Billing management within HighLevel for clients will make it easier for agencies to deliver.
User friendliness is subjective and depends on how the system is set up.
SAS offer for 200 bucks a month with two-way text reviews is mentioned again.
Database reactivation and lead response management are important for retaining clients.
Database reactivation is a way to earn client's trust and is offered as a done-for-you service.
Lead response management is crucial for successful lead generation.
Selling SAS as a do-it-yourself offer requires the right timing and model.
HighLevel is ready for small business owners to use SAS themselves.
To improve service delivery for clients and encourage them to stay, be realistic in the offers you make and create contingencies for not meeting targets.
Be honest about your ability to fulfill offers.
Create contingencies for not meeting targets, such as paying the difference if the promised number of leads isn't achieved.
Focus on delivering what you promised rather than aiming for perfection. Scaling your agency depends more on marketing and sales skills.
In the marketing world, delivering what you promised is more important than striving for perfection like big players such as Apple and Google.
Scaling your agency is not about quality, but about your marketing and sales skills.
Having 10 clients allows you to test out and improve your offers and understand the industry better.
Results are important in keeping clients, but they won't solely drive or scale your agency. Local market dynamics and understanding the client's business are also crucial.
Results are not the only factor in driving or scaling your agency.
Local market dynamics play a significant role in the effectiveness of ads.
Understanding the client's business and industry is important for running successful ad campaigns.
Focus on one service and streamline your processes for scalable growth. Consider the onboarding process for multiple clients.
If you're earning less than 50k a month, focus on one service and cut out everything else for better scalability.
Streamline your processes to handle onboarding multiple clients for scalable growth.
Snapshots are a new feature for the user, and they are interested in resources to study and improve in this area. They also ask for feedback on an ad they created.
User is new to snapshots and seeking resources to study and improve in this area.
User requests feedback on an ad they created.
Discussion about lead generation and outsourcing
Action recommends outsourcing lead generation even if it's not to their company.
Different platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google have different copywriting requirements.
Content on IG should be more specific and tailored to the audience.
Steph's struggle with sales and offer creation in the tech industry
Steph has expertise in tech but struggles with sales and creating offers.
She's unsure how to package her services for real estate agents.
Real estate agents invest in Steph because they are busy with marketing and want to save time.
Paulson suggests focusing on the result and value for realtors
Paulson encourages Steph to clearly communicate the results realtors will get from her system.
He suggests offering to save time for eight-figure realtors as a compelling value proposition.
Understanding the audience and running targeted ads is crucial for the success of the offer.
Homework on Friday is launching ads
This workshop is focused on launching ads, not just a theoretical class.
It's important to figure out your offer and what result it generates for your client.
Talk in context to the client's desired situation in sales pitches and marketing
Clients don't want to hear about the car, they want to hear about the destination.
Focus on the results you can deliver for the client, such as helping realtors close two deals a month.
Differentiate yourself as a marketer by offering specific and impressive results.
The offers that work today may not work in the next quarter, so it's important to have a variety of offers
When running ads, it's necessary to swap out offers and use dynamic creatives.
After the first year, an agency should have around 10 offers piled up.
Going into the second year with 10 proven offers gives a strong advantage in offense.
Understanding what the clients want is crucial
Thinking more macro on what the clients want is key to success.
The Q&A session was helpful in unpacking the role of SAS in the offer equation.