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Risk Management - Trading Journaling with Edgesheet

Crypto School2023-10-03
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Edge Sheet is a trading software that compiles trading data to help traders make better decisions. It emphasizes the importance of tracking trading data to improve profitability, focusing on coins like Bitcoin and Chainlink. The video stresses discipline, strategy, risk management, and position sizing in trading. Using trading software for assistance is recommended for success. The goal is to see a rising equity curve over time, indicating profitability. Accepting losses as part of trading and continuously improving strategies are crucial for long-term success.

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Overview of Edge sheet trading software capabilities.
Edge sheet compiles trading data from exchanges, showing win rates and average wins/losses.
Traders can analyze different strategies' performance and label successful trades.
The software allows traders to map out trades on a chart for review and improvement.
Success in trading comes from understanding details and continuously improving strategies to achieve a rising equity curve over time.
Importance of tracking trading data for profitability.
Focus on coins like Bitcoin and Chainlink with consistent profits, avoid those with consistent losses.
Trading compared to bodybuilding, stressing discipline and strategy.
Key factors for surviving market volatility: risk management and position sizing.
Use of trading software recommended for assistance; acceptance of losses crucial for long-term success.
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