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The MOST POWERFUL Visualization Technique to MANIFEST Anything You Want in Life! | Jonathan Hammond

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Jonathan Hammond discusses the role of a shaman in healing relationships and reconnecting with one's true nature. He shares his transition to shamanism and emphasizes the power of thoughts in shaping reality. The video explores Hawaii's mystical nature, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the importance of self-awareness. It delves into global challenges, the evolution of humanity, and the need for unity. Embracing chaos as an opportunity for change, adapting to technological advancements, and viewing challenges as growth opportunities are highlighted. The message encourages a shift in mindset towards personal growth and learning through difficult experiences.

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Jonathan Hammond discusses the role of a shaman as a healer of relationships.
Shamans emphasize the importance of reconnecting with one's true nature and using nature as a template for healing.
Shamans help individuals rediscover their organic selves by undoing societal conditioning and cultural influences.
Hammond shares his transition from actor to shaman practitioner, highlighting similarities between the two roles in channeling inspiration and storytelling.
Hammond expresses a deep spiritual connection and a desire to help people through art and storytelling, leading him to pursue a path focused on healing and self-discovery.
Life-changing realization on Haleakala volcano leads to spiritual teaching career.
Speaker's encounter on the volcano prompts a life review and a message to change one's life.
Maui's energy is transformative compared to big cities like New York and LA, emphasizing the relaxing nature of the island.
Hawaii's unique climate zones offer a mystical and vibrant experience with snow, rain, sleet, rainbows, and sunshine all in one trip.
Theories surrounding Hawaii and its significance in esoteric systems.
Hawaii is believed to have been visited by off-planet beings who infected the water with the 'god molecule.'
Indigenous healers view the world as a reflection of their thoughts, believing everything is alive and conscious.
From a shamanic perspective, everything is seen as sentient and interconnected.
The power of thoughts is emphasized in shaping one's reality and perception of the world.
The power of the mind and the law of attraction in shamanism.
Shamans believe in co-creating reality through thoughts and frequencies to manifest desires.
New brain science suggests the brain as a receptor of consciousness, like an antenna.
Tuning into specific frequencies attracts corresponding people, places, and events.
Personal experiences and intentions play a crucial role in creating reality.
Acknowledging and working with our inner darkness allows us to grow and evolve.
Interconnectedness is a key theme, as highlighted by the example of Dolphin excrement producing oxygen.
The younger generation symbolizes an ecological mindset and interconnectedness with nature.
Criticizing others reflects our own internal processes and insecurities.
We are part of a global village and must recognize our interconnectedness while staying in our lane.
Discussion on current global state highlighting economic worries, potential world war, and pandemic affecting the entire planet simultaneously.
Mention of political strife, tribalism, and chaos spreading worldwide.
Emphasis on evolving beyond binary thinking and polarization, stressing the need for unity and integration of light and dark aspects.
Reference to prophecies about the transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, focusing on individuation and global integration of darkness.
Significance of chaos as the death of old systems and resistance to healing as humanity moves towards a new way of being.
Addressing current societal issues of sexual exploitation, racism, and greed for healing.
Emphasizing the importance of individual responsibility in the evolution of humanity despite challenges.
Exploring the concept of different ages and cycles of evolution, questioning if humanity has devolved and is now on the path back to knowledge and evolution.
Discussing the Kali Yuga, the goddess of destruction and birth, and its relation to global events like the Coronavirus pandemic.
Embracing chaos as a catalyst for change.
The world is experiencing rapid changes, such as the decline of movie theaters.
Challenges should be seen as opportunities for personal growth.
Adapting to lifestyle changes in line with technological advancements is crucial.
Priorities and work habits are shifting in response to societal changes.
Embracing challenges for personal growth.
Challenges and hardships have a purpose in personal development.
Death can lead to healing and growth for those left behind.
Interpreting dreams as symbolic messages for personal development.
Shift in mindset towards viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.
Shamanic journeys as a form of meditation for connecting with spiritual beings, healing, and gaining wisdom through symbols.
Symbols in dreams represent personal challenges that can be energetically addressed.
Introduction of the Seven Hoonah principles: creating reality with thoughts, embracing limitlessness, working with energy, living in the present moment, embodying love, recognizing inner power, and being adaptable for manifestation.
The principles are universal among indigenous healers and provide a holistic approach to life.
The '100 Monkey effect' explores the spread of behaviors among monkeys and plants, suggesting a collective consciousness.
This concept extends to humans, impacting personal growth and evolution.
The 'Danger Zone' represents a transitional phase where old habits clash with new ways, requiring faith and courage to embrace change.
Fear of living is rooted in societal conditioning, hindering individuals from pursuing dreams and self-belief.
Overcoming fear involves challenging learned behaviors and embracing personal evolution with faith.
The impact of psychedelics on the default network in our brain and the potential for new realities to emerge.
Psychedelics are gaining popularity for disrupting the default network and allowing for new ways of thinking to emerge.
Emphasis on learning, experiencing, and curating a life in harmony with the universe.
Importance of caring for one's inner child and living in the present moment.
The ultimate purpose in life is to live, experience, and love, becoming a human being rather than a human doing.