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Run your own AI (but private)

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The video showcases Private AI, a tool for running AI models on personal computers without sharing data externally. It covers setting up Private AI, training powerful models, utilizing LLMs, fine-tuning models, and VMware's deep learning VMs. The video emphasizes the importance of data privacy and security, highlighting partnerships with Nvidia, Intel, and IBM. The demonstration includes setting up a private GPT and concludes with a quiz for viewers to win free coffee. Private AI's potential in workplaces and the future of technology is highlighted throughout the video.

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Introduction of Private AI tool for running AI models on personal computers without sharing data externally.
Demonstrates easy and fast setup process, showcasing connection of personal knowledge bases to the AI.
Emphasizes potential of Private AI in workplaces with high privacy and security requirements, enabled by VMware for on-premises AI capabilities.
Explores AI models available on huggingface.co, including LAMA two, highlighting vast community of pre-trained models for different purposes.
Training a powerful model on a super cluster with over 6,000 GPUs costing $20 million and taking 1.7 million GPU hours.
The model can be downloaded and used offline for various tasks without internet access.
A user effectively fine-tuned the model to answer questions.
Installation process of O Lama on macOS or Linux, with Windows support coming soon.
Windows users can use the Windows Subsystem for Linux to install O Lama easily.
Overview of running LLM for downloading and utilizing the Llama two pre-training model with emphasis on speed and efficiency with a GPU.
Demonstrates the ease of installation on different systems and discusses potential applications of AI in scenarios like surviving a zombie apocalypse.
Raises concerns about incorrect data training and the importance of teaching AI the correct information for personalized use cases.
Use of Large Language Models (LLMs) for tasks such as help desk support, troubleshooting code, and customer interactions.
Highlighting the concept of fine-tuning LLMs with proprietary data for improved accuracy.
VMware's approach to fine-tuning models locally with hardware servers, PyTorch and TensorFlow tools, and Nvidia's private AI solution is commended.
Emphasis on the importance of resources and expertise for effective fine-tuning of LLMs.
VMware's comprehensive package is seen as a valuable asset for companies seeking to leverage AI internally.
Overview of daily tasks of a data scientist.
Discussion on infrastructure in vSphere and VMware for virtual machines.
Use of deep learning VMs with essential tools for data analysis.
Highlighting hardware components like Nvidia GPUs and Jupiter notebook.
Emphasis on preparing data, training models, and fine-tuning with a limited dataset for efficiency.
VMware and Nvidia partnership offers deep learning VMs and tools for fine-tuning LLMs, including a vector database called RAG.
RAG enables LLMs to consult databases for accurate answers without the need for retraining.
Nvidia, Intel, and VMware collaborate to provide robust infrastructure and AI tools for developing and deploying custom LLMs.
Intel offers data analytics, generative AI, and machine learning tools, while also collaborating with IBM.
VMware prioritizes choice, allowing users to run private AI with partners like Nvidia, Intel, and IBM, providing flexibility and options for users.
Setting up a private GPT using individual knowledge base separate from VMware's Private AI.
The process involves CPU only, utilizing NVIDIA GPU for optimal performance.
Installation process detailed on a Windows PC with an NVIDIA 3090 using WSL.
Interacting with documents and asking questions demonstrated to showcase the potential of private AI technology.
Narrator expresses excitement about the capabilities of private AI and its significance in the future of technology.
VMware offers a deep learning VM with pre-installed tools to simplify the process of implementing AI in a company.
Viewers are directed to check out VMware's private AI link for additional information on the deep learning VM.
The video includes a quiz for viewers to test their knowledge, with the first five people to score 100% winning free coffee from Network Chuck Coffee.
Instructions on how to access and take the quiz are provided, highlighting the importance of being quick and smart to win the free coffee prize.