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I hated Smartwatches...until I used one

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The video discusses the Apple Watch Series 9, its features, limitations, and the speaker's experience using it, highlighting its fitness benefits, aesthetic shortcomings, and the dependency on an iPhone. The speaker mentions the challenges app and recommends finding at least one person to set it up with for added accountability and motivation. Additionally, the speaker talks about the functionality of the Apple Watch in terms of workout tracking and customization, but also addresses the limitations and design aspects of the watch.

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The speaker shares his perspective on smartwatches, having previously resisted the idea but now finding it valuable for fitness and health goals.
He mentions the Apple Watch Series 9 and its impact on his daily life.
The watch tracks health using three rings for movement, exercise, and standing time.
The watch's functionality turns daily activities into a game, providing motivation and rewards.
The ability to compete with others using the Apple fitness app.
There is a separate app called Challenges for adding friends into a big fitness competition.
The Apple Watch has some limitations in automatically activating workout mode but can suggest it after 10 minutes of exercise.
The Apple Watch may not provide the best quality tracking at the start of a workout, but it catches up after suggesting to turn on workout mode.
The watch has a smooth and comfortable design and is highly functional with a well-optimized system.
The screen has deep blacks and a melty feel due to its design.
Notifications can be managed to reduce screen time and anxiety.
The Apple Watch is designed to be a daily wearable but has some limitations in terms of aesthetics and protection.
The watch has a scratch on the screen, and adding a screen protector or case affects the feel and look of the watch.
The watch bands are comfortable and easy to use.
The Apple Watch has a well-optimized system and display, but some may find the aesthetics and functionality of other watches more appealing.
The Apple Watch has helped reduce screen time and anxiety by providing important notifications on the wrist and enabling quick actions.
Notifications can be managed to only receive important ones on the watch.
The watch has a full-size keyboard and high-quality voice-to-text for easy replies.
The watch is not a phone replacement but enhances convenience for quick tasks.
The speaker finds smartwatches to be more useful than phones for quick actions and mentions the features of the Apple Watch, such as the compass and walkie-talkie.
The speaker also discusses the limitations of the watch, such as the quieter speaker and the inability to watch videos or fully replace a phone.
The Apple Watch series 9 is recommended by the speaker, but it is mentioned that it is primarily an iPhone accessory.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What has been the speaker's experience with using a smartwatch for the first time?

The speaker, who previously avoided using a smartwatch, has had a positive experience with the Apple Watch Series 9, particularly in the context of fitness and health goals. The watch's features have gamified the health tracking process and provided a new perspective on integrating technology into daily life.

2. How has the Apple Watch enhanced the speaker's fitness routine?

The Apple Watch has transformed the speaker's daily life by gamifying health tracking, providing real-time data on fitness metrics, and enabling friendly competition through fitness challenges with colleagues. The watch's functionality goes beyond traditional health tracking by adding a gamified layer that motivates and engages the user.

3. What are the perceived drawbacks of the Apple Watch in terms of aesthetics and dependence on a paired iPhone?

The speaker highlights two main drawbacks of the Apple Watch, including its aesthetics and the dependency on an iPhone. In terms of aesthetics, the speaker finds the watch to be functional but not particularly stylish. Additionally, the watch is primarily designed as an iPhone accessory, limiting its standalone functionality for non-iOS users.

4. What are the key features and limitations of the Apple Watch discussed by the speaker?

The speaker discusses the key features of the Apple Watch, including its fitness tracking capabilities, health gamification, and the seamless integration into daily life. However, the speaker also mentions the limitations of the watch, such as the need for better aesthetic design and the dependency on having an iPhone for full functionality.