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Is Clickfunnels Still Worth Using In 2024? - My Honest Thoughts

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Clickfunnels, created by Russell Brunson in 2015, is a platform that helps businesses transition online with sales funnels to increase sales. It offers website building, email marketing, and analytics, with plans starting at $47 a month. Users can earn through the affiliate program. The platform automates lead generation, offers live training, and promotes residual income opportunities. Users have seen consistent sales results and a high retention rate. The program also donates to charity and provides step-by-step training on marketing. Overall, it provides value and earning potential for users.

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Overview of Clickfunnels features and purpose.
Clickfunnels was founded in 2015 by Russell Brunson to assist businesses in moving online and optimizing sales through sales funnels.
Sales funnels are used to lead customers through a targeted process, boosting the chances of making a sale.
Clickfunnels provides tools for creating websites, online stores, membership sites, email marketing, and analytics.
Interested users can take advantage of a free trial option before committing to the platform.
Clickfunnels offers paid plans starting at $47 a month with features like hosting one website, building up to 20 funnels, and hosting up to 10,000 contacts.
Users can earn residual income through Clickfunnels' affiliate program by sharing funnels with others.
The basic plan may be limiting for some due to budget constraints and funnel limitations.
An alternative option is the HBA Funnel Builder, offering similar features as Clickfunnels at a fraction of the cost, allowing users to build unlimited funnels for $25 a month.
Overview of the platform's features and benefits.
Leads generated through the platform automatically appear in the autoresponder, eliminating the need for manual export.
Users can build a full store, host appointments, and utilize templates for page creation.
Live training and coaching sessions are offered for utilizing the funnel builder, with a focus on affiliate marketing and online marketing strategies.
The program provides the opportunity to earn 80% residual commissions and additional income from referring products like traffic conversions.
Highlights of the sales program discussed in the video.
Consistent sales results without heavy promotion, with the speaker earning over $3,000.
High retention rate and donation of a portion of sales to charity.
Offers training, a supportive community, and live trainings.
Step-by-step training on marketing the program and other online ventures provided by the speaker.