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Does My Business Need An Email List Or Is Social Media Enough?

Jerry Potter2024-03-11
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Email marketing is crucial in 2024 due to its direct reach and ownership, avoiding algorithm limitations of social media. It enables businesses to engage with customers, drive traffic, and analyze marketing effectiveness. Quality content and consistent emailing are key for success. A free workshop on starting an email list is offered on YouTube.

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The significance of email marketing for businesses in 2024.
Email marketing offers direct reach and ownership compared to social media platforms, avoiding algorithm limitations and ensuring deliverability to subscribers' inboxes.
Emails have a higher chance of reaching the intended audience compared to social media, where algorithms can suppress content based on user engagement.
The control and ownership of email lists provide a more reliable and consistent communication channel for businesses, especially in times of disruptions or audience loss on platforms.
Importance of Email Marketing for Businesses.
Email marketing allows for direct communication with customers and offers higher trackability compared to social media.
Automation tools assist in sending personalized content to target audiences based on their interests.
Email lists help drive traffic to websites and effectively track customer behavior, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Despite the popularity of social media, email marketing remains a valuable tool for engaging with customers and analyzing marketing strategies.
Importance of Social Media and Email Marketing in Converting Strangers into Buyers.
Quality content is prioritized over frequency in marketing strategies.
Successful email strategies are provided as examples.
Emailing at least once a week is recommended to maintain engagement and prevent being marked as spam.
Consistent emailing positively impacts subscriber engagement and purchase behavior.
Free workshop on starting and growing an email list on YouTube.
Workshop accessed through a provided link, not publicly listed on channel.
First lesson is 5 minutes long to gauge interest.
Viewers encouraged to recommend video to other business owners.
Speaker aims to help business owners succeed.