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7 Incredible Al Tools You’ve DEFINITELY Never Seen Before! (Underground AI #2)

Matt Wolfe2024-03-18
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The video showcases various underground AI tools such as My Memo for knowledge management, Wisdom Plan for personalized learning, and Loudly for music generation. It also introduces tools like a 3D AI Studio for creating custom 3D models and UI Wizard for rapid UI design. The narrator explores features, pricing plans, and functionalities of each tool, highlighting their benefits and limitations. Additionally, the video discusses tools like Grock Chat for NPC interactions and customer service chatbots, as well as Beautiful AI for simplified slide creation. Overall, the video provides insights into innovative AI tools for knowledge management, learning, music generation, 3D modeling, UI design, chatbots, and slide creation.

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Overview of My Memo, an AI-powered Knowledge Management tool.
My Memo offers free and paid plans for organizing personal digital knowledge.
Content is categorized into notes, images, chat, documents, links, and videos.
Features include AI-generated summaries, automatic tags, and easy access through a Chrome extension.
Provides a convenient way to save and organize online content for later reference.
AI tool for organizing and resurfacing content.
Users can input keywords to filter and generate quick summaries of videos.
Tool uses retrieval augmented generation and large language model for personalized search.
Wisdom Plan offers personalized learning plans within minutes, centralizing resources and eliminating manual tasks.
Features include planning, scheduling, note-taking, and reminders.
Viewer encounters login error but gains access to dashboard tool.
Tool awards wisdom points for sharing content.
Viewer sets goal to learn Python through beginner's course.
Various learning resources selected with deadline set for plan.
Python course with 25 tasks generated, covering basics, control structures, data structures, functions, OOP, error handling, and project work.
Overview of AI-generated plan for learning Python and introduction of Loudly music generation platform.
AI plan compiled YouTube videos and text tutorials in logical order for learning Python.
Tips included regular practice, using debugging tools, joining a community, and teaching others.
AI plan allowed learning Python without cost, utilizing publicly available training resources.
Loudly music generation platform offered customizable and royalty-free music creation options with various pricing plans.
Introduction to Music Generation and 3D AI Studio Tools.
Users can customize soundtracks by selecting music genres, energy levels, and key styles.
The tool automatically selects ambient cinematic music blended with synthwave for specific scenes or videos.
The 3D AI Studio allows users to create custom 3D models using text prompts or image references.
Pricing options include a subscription for downloading up to 300 songs per month for the music generation tool.
Overview of AI features on free plan and benefits of upgrading to a paid plan.
Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks more advanced features like image to 3D conversion.
Image to 3D tool impressively converts a headshot into a detailed 3D model quickly and efficiently.
Some features like rigging AI and texture AI require a subscription, which can be frustrating for users.
Overall, image to 3D and text to 3D functionalities are solid and user-friendly.
Discussion on re-uploading images into 3D format and exploration of different settings and model remeshing.
Decent body results achieved but faces are destroyed in the process.
Frustration expressed with the UI layout during the modeling process.
Introduction to Grock Chat and its use of open-source AI models like Mixol 8X 7B.
Highlight of Grock Chat's LPU inference engine for quick responses, advantageous for real-time NPC interactions and customer service chatbots, outperforming other AI tools like ChatGPT and Claud.
UI Wizard: AI-powered UI design tool for rapid mockup generation.
The tool offers pricing plans from free to $49 per month with varying features.
Users can input text prompts to generate full user interface mockups quickly.
Designs are based on user descriptions and keywords, creating screens for different app functionalities.
The tool visually demonstrates how generated screens link together to form a cohesive user flow.
Overview of Beautiful AI Tool features and pricing.
Beautiful AI offers visually appealing templates to simplify slide creation at a starting price of $12 a month with annual billing options.
The tool can generate slides with quotes, word clouds, pie charts, and even include images and bios of famous figures like Yoda.
Users can easily create informative slides and infographics, making it ideal for educational or informational presentations.
Features of presentation software discussed.
AI-generated slides highlighted as a pro feature.
Free trial automatically enrolls users into a paid plan after 14 days.
Speaker demonstrates creating slides with AI, including pie chart and line graph.
AI tool allows for adding additional context like web pages to slides.
Tools for creating slides with charts and graphs are discussed, highlighting the importance of accurate data.
Future Tools website is mentioned, offering over 2600 tools, filter options, and a free newsletter with AI news and cool AI tools.
Subscribers gain access to the AI income database for ways to make money using AI.
Viewers are encouraged to subscribe, like the video, and show interest in more underground AI videos.
The speaker concludes by thanking viewers and inviting them to stay updated with AI news by subscribing to the channel.