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If I had to choose only one Sampler, which one would I pick? Mpc, Elektron, Roland SP 404 ....

Marlow Digs2021-11-14
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The speaker discusses the evolution of his studio setup, emphasizing the impact of owning a YouTube channel on his music production process. He compares different samplers like the NPC Live, MPC, Maschine, and SP404 Mark II, favoring the NPC for its chopping function. The speaker also highlights the portability of the MPCX and encourages viewers to check out their Patreon for samples.

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Evolution of studio setup and impact of YouTube channel on music production.
Expansion of studio setup attributed to growth of YouTube channel for audience communication.
Importance of choosing the right sampler based on phase of life and career, starting with software before transitioning to external gear.
Love for MPC60 sampler for monophonic features and unique punch, contrasting it with other models in collection.
Importance of NPC Live for chopping samples and creating music.
NPC Live is praised for its ease of use and efficiency compared to other samplers like the Akai Force.
Akai Force is recognized for its potential and advanced features, but criticized for its clunky and less intuitive user interface.
Preference for NPC Live due to seamless sample chopping capabilities and overall user experience.
Comparison of Analog Rhythm to other samplers.
Analog Rhythm's sequencer and sampling capabilities are praised for ease of use and functionality.
Preference for samplers with higher polyphony due to limitations faced with lower polyphony devices.
MPC is preferred for chopping functions and overall performance.
Low frequencies are affected when sampling with the Excel sampler.
Comparison of MPC, Maschine, and SP404 Mark II samplers.
Preference for the NPC due to its chopping function.
Discussion on SP2400's audio quality and polyphony limitations.
Mention of improved features in the SP404 Mark II like increased polyphony and better sequencer.
Expresses the need to try out the SP404 Mark II to assess its chopping capabilities and workflow.
Benefits of portability with the MPCX sampler for working on the go.
Comparison between the MPCX and NPC Live, with a preference for the Live due to portability.
Portability has positively impacted the speaker's workflow and allowed for work in different locations.
Highlighting the convenience of chopping samples in various settings, like a park.
Gratitude to viewers and encouragement to check out the speaker's Patreon for samples.