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Avatar is an Anime. F*** You. Fight Me.

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The video explores the debate over the definition of anime, using examples like the music video 'Shelter' to highlight the lack of consensus within the anime community. It argues that anime is a movement rather than a genre, influenced by global culture and economy. The discussion extends to American anime like Avatar and Steven Universe, emphasizing the importance of analyzing modern works alongside traditional Japanese anime. The video concludes with a message of gratitude from the creator and encourages ongoing discussions about the future of anime.

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Controversy over the definition of anime in relation to the animated music video 'Shelter'.
The Reddit anime community removed 'Shelter' for not meeting their definition of anime as a Japanese animated series.
Lack of a clear definition for anime leads to conflicting interpretations.
Definitions should reflect common usage and adapt to include a broader range of content.
'Shelter' incident highlights ongoing debate in the anime community on what constitutes anime.
Debate over the definition of 'anime'.
Some argue that American cartoons like Avatar and SpongeBob should not be considered anime.
Distinctions between American anime and traditional cartoons, with shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time blurring the lines.
Korean and Chinese productions are also included in the definition of anime, showing that it is not limited by region.
The criteria for defining anime remains unclear, with art style being a potential factor but not definitive.
Overview of Anime as an Artistic Movement within Animation.
Early anime was influenced by Western creations and the aftermath of the atomic bomb.
90s anime focused on somber and philosophical themes.
Post-millennial anime is characterized by post-internet and post-globalization influences.
American anime is considered part of the broader anime movement.
Influence of Global Culture and Economy on the Modern Anime Industry.
Japanese and Western animators draw inspiration from each other, resulting in series like Avatar and Steven Universe created with the same passion as Japanese anime.
Celebrating and analyzing modern works alongside traditional Japanese anime is crucial in the anime industry.
The next generation of anime creators, both in Japan and abroad, are shaping the future of anime by watching and building upon modern works.
Discussions and debates about modern series should be encouraged in anime communities to foster growth and innovation in the industry.
Geoff Thew expresses gratitude to his team for their help in creating the video.
Geoff recommends watching more of his content, including his top 10 anime openings video.
Geoff mentions filming in a new apartment soon.
Geoff signs off as a 'professional shit bag' from his mother's basement.