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The future of design and code

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Design tools are evolving rapidly, bridging the gap between designers and developers. Codo app allows designers to tweak developer work without code, improving collaboration. The video showcases designing an online store, emphasizing efficient collaboration and live code updates. It demonstrates accessing raw CSS in Codu, syncing changes to the live website, and integrating a headless CMS. The process of adding products to an e-commerce site with Wix Studio is simplified, highlighting collaboration and front-end responsibilities for designers. Kodox tool facilitates collaboration, with a focus on streamlining development processes.

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The evolution of design tools and the challenges in collaboration between designers and developers.
Despite designers learning more about code and developers learning more about design, a clear separation still exists in building and maintaining design systems.
The traditional handover process between designers and developers can lead to misinterpretations and delays in fixing minor issues.
Codo, a new app, allows designers to make tweaks to developer work without touching the code, improving collaboration and efficiency.
The app offers a user-friendly interface for creating, managing projects, committing changes, syncing, publishing, and sharing work.
Design process of an online store.
Components are designed and reused across the website, with specific changes made to product cards such as adjusting font size, adding borders, and rounding corners.
Emphasis on efficient collaboration between designer and developer, with changes reflected in the live codebase.
Process involves selecting and modifying elements like images and text styles to achieve a cohesive and visually appealing design.
Accessing raw CSS in Codu for project modifications.
Users can make direct amendments to CSS for projects in Codu.
Process of committing changes locally and syncing them to live production website.
Ability to make live changes to components without coding.
Integration of a headless CMS like Wix CMS for real data in the project.
Adding products to an e-commerce website using Wix Studio was shown, highlighting platform simplicity and efficiency.
Real-time updates to components can be made by designers to bridge the gap with developers and streamline development.
Collaboration between designers and developers is crucial, with designers taking on more front-end responsibilities.
Tools like Kodox, currently in beta and free, are recommended to facilitate designer-developer collaboration.
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