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Ukrainians Retreat | Russians Approached Terny | French Troops Spotted | Military Summary 2024.03.20

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Russian forces are making significant advances in capturing Ukrainian territory, controlling key positions and roads. Ukrainian forces are facing challenges due to lack of reinforcements and supplies, prompting retreats. The Russians are establishing strongholds and preparing for further advancements. The situation is critical with renewed offensive operations and increased pressure towards different directions. Foreign military involvement is reported, including French troops redeploying through Poland into Ukraine. Evacuations and mobilization processes are underway, with calls for condemnation of violence and support from Western countries.

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Russian advances in capturing Ukrainian territory.
Ukrainians facing challenges with lack of reinforcements and supplies, leading to retreat.
Battle for defense belts nearing its end, raising speculation on Russians' next moves.
Uncertainty in outcome, potential shifts in focus towards different directions in the coming days.
Russian forces advance and gain control of key areas in Ukraine.
Ukrainian Brigade surrenders to Russians.
Russian artillery and aviation intensify attacks in Nova mikova.
Renewed bombardments with guarded bombs.
Russians establish powerful strongholds for further advancements.
Russian forces make progress in offensive operations in the Northern and Northwestern parts of the village.
Russian forces bypass areas and establish control as they advance towards the South and East.
Ukrainian anti-tank missiles damage Russian personnel carriers, followed by infantry landing operations.
Drones are used to bomb Russian forces, causing a critical situation.
The renewed Russian offensive towards San indicates increased pressure and aggression in the area.
Recent developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Establishment of Russian checkpoints and restrictions on access to active clash areas.
Reports of foreign volunteer and mercenary involvement, including Romanian soldiers.
Redeployment of armed vehicles and French troops through Poland into Ukraine.
Ongoing updates and movements indicating foreign military involvement in the region.
Russian forces are creating a cauldron in the area, pushing towards Ukrainian positions to establish control over fields.
Evacuations are reported in Sumi and other regions, with villages, settlements, and cities being evacuated quickly.
Updates on mobilization processes in Palava show instances of violence.
The video emphasizes condemnation of violence and highlights financial support from Western countries and citizens.
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