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NATO deployment plans | Ivanivske Will Soon Fall | Crimea Is Under Attack. Military summary 2024.3.3

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Western and NATO countries are considering deploying forces in Ukraine to deter Russian aggression. Options include securing areas like Adessa and Nikolai, establishing defense lines, and preventing Russian offensives. Russian forces are actively attacking Ukrainian positions, with evidence of preparation for a global assault. Ukrainians are innovating in warfare, using unconventional weapons like exploding flashlights. The Russians are strategically advancing to cut off Ukrainian supply routes and control key positions. Despite losses, the Russians may continue their attacks, facing uncertainty and high costs. The situation remains tense as clashes persist in multiple areas.

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Deployment of Western and NATO forces in Ukraine.
First option involves deploying forces along the border with Belarus to prevent Russian attacks and allow Ukrainians to send forces to combat zones in eastern Ukraine.
Second option is to protect areas like Adessa and Nikolai from potential Russian offensives.
NATO forces aim to establish a line of defense to secure Adessa and prevent any attacks.
Strategy is crucial in deterring Russian aggression and ensuring the safety of Ukrainian territories.
Discussion on potential military actions in Adesa and the risks of Russian attacks on NATO officers.
Economic impact of Russia's victory in Ukraine and the emphasis on defeating Russia without conflict by France.
Various countries, such as Poland and Canada, considering sending non-combat units to Ukraine.
Report on Ukrainian drones being taken down by Russia, with expectations of further attacks on Crimea Bridge or other targets.
Russian forces intensify attacks in southern part of village.
Evidence shows Russian preparation for global attack against Ukraine.
Reports confirm Russian control over trenches and fortifications in the area.
Ongoing movements by Russian forces contribute to complex situation.
Lack of geolocated confirmations adds uncertainty to the situation.
Ongoing clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces in various villages.
Russian forces destroy an ammo depot during attacks on Ukrainian positions.
Ukrainian forces stabilize the line of combat contact.
Ukrainians use innovative tactic of dropping exploding flashlights as unconventional weapon.
Tense situation continues with persistent clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces in multiple areas.
Russian military strategically advancing in South West to control key territories in Ukraine.
Targeting farms and trenches to cut off Ukrainian supply roads and disrupt supply lines.
Aim to secure movements towards key Ukrainian positions like Kicheva Andreka.
Utilizing drones, artillery, and forces to achieve objectives of controlling key areas like Ivanoska.
Potential to cut off support to Ukrainian forces in critical areas through strategic advancement.
Russian forces faced significant losses in a bloody operation in Baggurova, Ukraine.
Over a year was spent trying to regain control of lost positions, with uncertain success.
Further attacks by the Russians are possible, but they may face a high price in doing so.
No changes were observed in the south or north directions.
The military Su Channel condemns violence globally.