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Full Keynote: Introducing Copilot+ PCs

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Microsoft's Satya Nadella introduces advancements in AI technology with Microsoft Copilot for enhanced productivity. Copilot+ PCs offer powerful AI capabilities, faster performance, and new features like Recall for efficient search. The video showcases Copilot guiding a user in Minecraft and highlights the collaboration with AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm. Microsoft unveils the first Copilot+PCs from Surface, emphasizing performance, battery life, and inclusivity. The Surface Laptop outperforms MacBook Air in various tasks. Adobe's flagship apps are now available on Copilot Plus PCs, and new features in the photos app empower users to unleash their creative potential. Microsoft aims to revolutionize the industry with AI-powered Windows PCs, sparking innovation and performance. Various tech companies are introducing new laptop models with sleek design and sustainable features. Microsoft's new devices are available for pre-order, promising affordability and performance.

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Satya Nadella discusses advancements in AI technology and computing.
Microsoft Copilot is introduced as an AI companion enhancing knowledge and productivity across devices and industries.
Distributed computing and the evolution of AI experiences on the edge and Cloud are emphasized.
Copilot+ PCs are introduced as a new era of Windows PCs engineered to leverage distributed AI capabilities.
The shift in computing architecture aims to enhance user experiences and drive innovation in the AI landscape.
Introduction of new system on chip for running AI models locally and reasoning over data.
Goal is to deliver next-generation applications and experiences not possible on current PCs.
Creation of fastest and most AI-ready Windows PC by modernizing OS and collaborating with major OEMs.
AI becoming a first-class namespace on Windows, empowering developers to leverage it.
Focus on reimagining devices to understand user intent and bring joy through powerful new devices, making world more accessible.
The new Copilot+ PCs are the most powerful Windows PCs ever built, offering advanced AI with Microsoft Copilot and new productivity capabilities.
The PCs have a new systems architecture with CPU, GPU, and NPU running at 40 trillion operations per second, making them the fastest Windows PCs available.
Microsoft Copilot has been updated to provide personalized, faster, and more flexible AI assistance.
Upcoming features include helpful suggestions and seamless integration with Windows settings.
GPT-4o technology with text, voice, and vision capabilities will soon be integrated into Copilot for an enhanced user experience.
AI companion Copilot assists user in learning to play Minecraft on a PC.
Copilot guides user through crafting a sword and navigating a surprise zombie attack in real-time.
The segment showcases Copilot's ability to understand and adapt to user's needs, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
Copilot+ PCs, powered by GPT-4o and on-device AI models, offer advanced capabilities to process information and cater to user's context and intent.
The video highlights a new way of interacting with technology through the use of Copilot and its innovative features.
Introduction to Recall, a new system for organizing information on a PC using AI and system performance.
Recall focuses on human memory and connections for personalized access to information, unlike traditional methods.
Privacy is maintained and speed is enhanced by keeping content on the device.
Users can search for specific items using descriptive language, making tasks like finding clothing options or past chat messages efficient.
Benefits of Recall at work.
Allows users to search using voice commands and timelines, saving time by efficiently locating specific details within documents and presentations.
Emphasizes importance of trusting Recall and AI with data, highlighting responsible AI principles and privacy measures.
Designed to keep user data secure and private on the device, without using it to train AI models.
Users have full control over their captured information, with the ability to edit and delete as needed.
Windows introducing AI into every layer of the PC architecture.
Recall feature powered by AI models integrated into Windows 11 enables efficient search across all PC content with robust privacy measures.
AI running on devices cannot access private content, ensuring security.
Windows Copilot Runtime includes over 40 AI models to facilitate rich experiences like Recall and continuous updates for device models.
The AI integration is driving innovation in app capabilities and speeding up the pace of development.
Vision for an AI-first photos app powered by the MPU.
Features include image understanding, creative composition suggestions, and intelligent controls generation.
Capabilities of Copilot+PC highlighted, such as super-resolution for old photos, AI narration, and assistance in Minecraft.
Emphasis on responsible AI principles followed by Windows Copilot Runtime for fair, safe, and trustworthy AI experiences.
Collaboration with AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm to enhance computing performance with Copilot+PCs.
Microsoft introduces Copilot+PCs with SSD storage, NPU for AI tasks, and exceptional power efficiency.
The devices offer unparalleled AI performance, extended battery life, and enhanced security features.
Partnering with Qualcomm for Snapdragon X Series on Arm architecture, Microsoft promises improved web browsing and video playback duration compared to MacBook Air.
Copilot+PCs outperform MacBook Air in performance benchmarks, run native Windows apps efficiently, and introduce Prism arm emulator for seamless app compatibility.
The innovative hardware and software integration enable new experiences and opportunities for customers and developers, setting a new standard for AI-driven computing.
Introduction of Copilot+PCs from Surface with new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro.
Devices designed to be most powerful laptops in Surface lineup with longest battery life ever.
Emphasis on attention to detail, quality, accessibility, inclusivity, security, and sustainability.
Surface Laptop offers improved performance, faster speeds, longer battery life, and greater efficiency compared to previous generations.
Outperforms MacBook Air in various tasks and offers up to 22 hours of local video playback.
Highlights of the new Surface Laptop performance.
The laptop offers fast connection, impressive snappiness, and excellent battery life.
Features a Pixelsense touchscreen display with HDR and Dolby Vision IQ for vivid colors and crisp details.
Includes a new studio camera and a quiet, comfortable typing experience.
Outperforms the MacBook Air in image processing speed while maintaining productivity and battery life.
Adobe's flagship apps now available on Copilot Plus PCs.
Illustrator and Premier Pro set to release in June.
DeVinci Resolve Studio known for stunning visuals and effects.
Partnership with Black Magic Design enhances performance on thin PCs.
Filmmaker Ron Ames excited about advancements in technology for storytelling and editing tasks with AI.
Key Highlights of the New Surface Pro Features
The new Surface Pro offers leading performance, incredible battery life, and new AI experiences.
It is up to 90% faster than the previous model and features lightning-fast Wi-Fi 7 and optional 5G.
The device includes an OLED display with HDR for vivid colors and deep blacks.
The Surface Pro flex keyboard is designed for comfort and productivity, with backlit keys and a customizable haptic touchpad.
Importance of art as a form of self-expression and joy.
People often stop engaging in creative activities as they age due to insecurity.
Introduction of image generation through natural language and the release of Cocreator feature.
Cocreator combines natural drawing elements with AI to enhance the creative process.
Use of diffusion-based algorithms and machine learning models to optimize the quality of generated output for a cocreative experience.
New features in the photos app exclusive to Copilot+ PCs enhance editing and amplifying content.
Image Creator feature enables quick generation of unique images.
NPU technology improves speed and performance in apps like CapCut.
Copilot+ PCs empower users to unleash their creative potential, fostering innovation and artistic expression.
Introduction to Copilot+PCs revolutionizing the computing industry.
Microsoft collaborating with the PC industry to create a platform for Copilot+PCs, starting with Qualcomm's silicon innovation.
AMD and Intel will also be joining the platform to enhance capabilities.
Optimization of popular Windows applications to run natively on Copilot+PCs.
Emphasis on the significance of AI-powered Windows PCs in sparking innovation and performance in the industry.
Introduction of new laptop models by tech companies.
Dell's Inspiron range, HP's OmniBook X and EliteBook, Lenovo's Yoga Slim 7X and Thinkpad T14 S, Samsung's Galaxy Book4 Edge, and Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface laptop are some of the new models.
Features of the new laptops include sleek design, long battery life, fast charging, and the use of recycled materials.
Microsoft announces pre-orders for their new devices starting today, with availability on June 18th.
The emphasis is on affordability and performance compared to Apple's MacBook.