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Uncovering the Agendas of Angels, Demons & Aliens in the World Today—GSIC 2024

Michael Salla2024-06-20
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The video features discussions on contact experiences with angels, demons, and aliens, the awakening process, infiltration of Grays, Satanic Ritual Abuse, secret space programs, and disclosures on advanced technology and extraterrestrial encounters. It highlights personal healing, discernment, and trauma clearing for personal and planetary evolution. Speakers share experiences, validations, and evidence to foster a supportive community seeking unity and connection with positive extraterrestrial entities. The video emphasizes the dismantling of corrupt systems, the introduction of advanced technology for unity, and the potential return of ancient intergalactic entities to our solar system.

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Danny Henderson shares her lifetime of contact experiences with angels, demons, and aliens, culminating in her book 'Angels, Demons, and Aliens' published in 2023.
Henderson discusses the implications of these experiences and their relevance in today's world.
She organizes the Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection conference in Denver, Colorado, from September 27 to 29.
The awakening and ascension process affecting humanity and Earth are emphasized, stressing the importance of addressing past traumas and belief systems to raise consciousness and frequency levels.
Discussion on personal experiences and validation in the book, focusing on encounters with angels, demons, and aliens.
Exploration of the healing process and the effect of childhood trauma on memory and spirituality.
Explanation of how demons can mimic forces of light, angels, or extraterrestrials, emphasizing the deceptive nature of these entities.
Mention of the historical involvement of governments with aliens, suggesting hidden agendas and manipulative actions by extraterrestrial beings.
Infiltration of Grays through channelers.
Grays target young and attractive individuals for disinformation.
Popular channeler believed to be influenced by Grays.
Challenges of distinguishing genuine channeling from manipulation.
Emphasis on discernment in interpreting information from alleged extraterrestrial sources.
The speaker discusses seeing a dark entity posing as an angel in childhood.
Children are considered more in tune with the truth before societal influences.
The ages of zero to seven are crucial for maintaining openness.
Trusting intuition and energy vibes is crucial, despite societal conditioning.
Shared experiences of seeing beyond appearances and understanding true intentions are explored.
Importance of first impressions and discerning energies, especially in children.
Children targeted by satanic organizations for their higher vibrational energy and mission to expose dark agendas.
Interview with Rachel Vaughn, born into a high Elite satanic family, discussing Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) targeting gifted children.
Insight into dark agendas on Earth and challenges faced by these children.
Rachel Vaughn shares her experiences of intergenerational abuse and witnessing atrocities in Adelaide, Australia.
Vaughn has psychic abilities due to her eye color and is targeted for special skills.
She speaks out against Satanic ritual abuse, providing proof and helping others heal.
Vaughn emphasizes the importance of clearing trauma energy individually and collectively for personal and planetary evolution.
Many born into elite satanic families are deeply traumatized from conception, leading to a lack of emotion and psychopathy in high elite individuals.
Infiltration of secret space programs by sinister groups.
Individuals are recruited or forced to join secret space programs, undergo psychic training, and endure abuses.
Tony Rodriges shares his experience of being coerced into a 20 and back program, serving for 20 years.
Secret space program groups have pervasive influence across government, religion, education, and military.
Tony Woodrigs' powerful story of overcoming tragedy and adversity exposes hidden information about satanic rituals, military involvement, and extraterrestrial life.
Woodrigs reveals the targeting of gifted and autistic children for dark purposes, bringing awareness to the disturbing reality of child abduction and abuse.
Despite his traumatic past, Woodrigs emerges as a humble and important leader advocating for treating aliens with respect and not worshiping them.
His experiences emphasize the importance of challenging societal programming and seeking the truth.
The dark connections between elites, secret space programs, and off-planet projects are revealed through a disturbing story.
A 19-year-old boy dated a 14-year-old girl linked to secret societies, leading to his kidnapping and consciousness transfer.
The incident showcases the cruel punishment inflicted on individuals who defy these elites.
Elites are depicted as heartless individuals who derive pleasure from causing harm and misery to others, regardless of age.
Discussion on technology used by elites in satanic programs to manipulate individuals.
Elite circles engage in blackmail, trickery, and abuse, with examples of extreme torture and manipulation.
Kathy O'Brien's experiences reveal abuse, exploitation, and involvement in bestiality, child pornography, and snuff films.
O'Brien's bravery in sharing her story sheds light on the prevalence of heinous acts within powerful institutions.
Importance of finding and joining star families highlighted at conference.
Conference emphasizes positive extraterrestrial and angelic encounters, creating a safe space for individuals with unique experiences.
Speakers at the conference have credibility and provide verification of encounters, fostering a supportive community.
Focus on genuine experiences rather than sensational claims promotes unity and understanding among participants.
Presenters share their experiences with positive extraterrestrial and angelic entities at the conference.
Jerry Wills recounts being a 'drop off baby' and having memories of being held by his mother in a craft.
Jean Charles Moen talks about his extraterrestrial encounters dating back to 1988 and 1992, including encounters with UFOs and men in black.
Independent evidence presented challenges skeptics and debunkers, supporting the credibility of these long-standing experiences.
Jean Charles' extraordinary experiences and evidence supporting claims of teleportation.
Jean Charles holds physical and audio evidence of encounters, contributing to the disclosure of secret space programs.
French contactee Elena Danan discusses the formation of a trade hub in the clouds of Jupiter operated by an Earth Alliance.
The trade hub resembles Deep Space 9 from Star Trek and hints at a potential Star Trek future.
Overview of significant changes on the planet and introduction of new advanced technology promoting unity and connection with intergalactic beings.
Elena Danan to share valuable information on topics such as the science of consciousness and extraterrestrial encounters.
David Adair's experiences with an extraterrestrial engine and organic consciousness potentially hint at a return of ancient intergalactic entities to our solar system.
Theories suggest a resurgence of an Intergalactic Confederation in 2021 aligning with these events.
JP's significant contributions in the field of disclosure and his upcoming role at the GC conference in September.
JP interacted with figures like Helena Danan and Alex Ker, sharing emotional experiences of flying past Jupiter with military personnel, eliciting strong reactions from witnesses.
JP's involvement in the GC conference signals a transition in his relationship with the US military, hinting at future developments.
JP's role as a presenter and his ability to facilitate connections with individuals like Jerry Wills and David Adair showcase his impact on the field of disclosure and exploration.
JP shares mission reports about interactions with extraterrestrial visitors, corroborating information from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.
Photographs show different shaped crafts flying above military bases, indicating collaboration between the military and extraterrestrials.
Covert Air Force teams encouraged JP to take photos, validating his experiences.
A partnership between the Air Force and extraterrestrials linked with JP suggests an agreement allowing him to share information openly.
Discussion on advanced technologies and transformative impacts.
Mention of military involvement and extraterrestrial presence at conferences.
Emphasis on GIC event as catalyst for planetary awareness and technological disclosure.
Recognition of the role of conferences in advancing planetary evolution.
Challenges involved in organizing such events.
Dan Willis advocates for frill energy as a potential replacement for traditional utility bills.
Frill energy is a natural creation of the Universe that can benefit humanity on Earth.
Willis, a technology expert, is dedicated to advancing technology for the betterment of humanity.
Willis will be speaking at a conference on UFO legislation, official disclosure possibilities, and potential false flag events.
Benefits of purchasing discounted tickets for a three-day event in a beautiful hotel with 13 speakers and new technology.
Tony Rod RGS will be speaking for the first time about supersonic advances in remote viewing.
Exciting event with a lot of work put into organizing it.
Viewers are encouraged to attend, emphasizing the investment in a wonderful experience and supporting the movement.
Segment concludes with thanks and anticipation for the event.