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Golden Pyramids, Ascension and Human Liberation

Michael Salla2024-06-04
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The video segments discuss author Scott Limel's experiences with extraterrestrial beings, his mission to share uncensored truths, and encounters with galactic alliances. Topics include the removal of negative extraterrestrial beings from Earth, the significance of December 21st, 2012, and the role of the Galactic Interdimensional Alliance of Free Worlds in Earth's preservation. The segments touch on mind control, the Ascension Ray, water's multi-dimensional nature, and the need for humanity to awaken to higher consciousness. The author also discusses the importance of individual contribution, book translations, and recharging Earth's oceans for energy sustainability.

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Scott Limel's journey as a truth researcher and author based on his experiences with extraterrestrial beings.
Limel's journey started in Utah as a child with an out-of-body experience, leading to collaborations with extraterrestrial beings.
He had a significant encounter near Mount Rainier in Washington state, witnessing disc-shaped ships with anti-gravitic light.
These experiences helped awaken forgotten memories and led to his mission of sharing the uncensored truth about human-extraterrestrial interactions.
Speaker recounts early encounter with extraterrestrial beings and identifies as a star seed.
Speaker has written books such as 'The Seay's Agenda' and 'The Sray Are'.
Past experiences with extraterrestrials include Lemuria and Atlantis.
Claims to have been part of a galactic alliance.
Books contain unique techniques not found in other Earthly works.
Overview of Extraterrestrial Names and Technology
Includes phonetic pronunciations and connecting with the primordial first sound.
Explores perception of space, DNA, and the omnipresent white golden light outside Earth.
Discusses 'The Ser Agenda' book detailing shape-shifting reptilians manipulating human elites through technology.
Addresses misconception of reptilian presence on Earth, emphasizing fear-based manipulation.
The speaker discusses the removal of shape-shifting reptilians and Grays from Earth 25 years ago to allow humanity to prepare for future events.
World leaders are influenced by subconscious fear leading to incorrect decisions.
People on Earth are encouraged to quiet their minds and emotions to activate higher faculties and creative imagination.
Recovering the ability to navigate the universe is emphasized, along with working collectively with governments for peaceful space travel.
The significance of December 21st, 2012, according to the Mayans.
The end of the experiment of evil on Earth was foretold by the Mayans, not an Armageddon.
Advanced aliens have the ability to travel through natural portals on Earth to traverse different levels of the physical universe.
The Galactic Interdimensional Alliance of Free Worlds removed shape-shifting reptilians and Grays from Earth, allowing humanity to progress without their interference for 25 years.
Fear is misdirected and does not lead to positive outcomes.
Galactic interdimensional alliance working to save Earth.
Monitoring and mitigating issues caused by negative extraterrestrial beings.
Humans must address out-of-control elites monopolizing resources.
Golden pyramids in higher dimensions aiding in Earth's transition.
Massive golden pyramid with quartz cap between Mars and Jupiter linked to Earth's pole shifts.
The Sray's role in raising various genetic forms to space-faring capabilities.
The Sray evolved to disintegrate physical bodies and store DNA patterns for manifestation.
By tapping into omnipresent energy, they can present as pure energy forms for missions without physical burdens.
Immortalization is achieved through manipulation of DNA switches using precise sound frequencies.
Activation of Ascended Master Abilities through the Ascension Ray.
The Ascension Ray connects individuals to their deeper self and activates multi-dimensional faculties.
The goal is to become conscious co-creators with Source and overcome trauma-based mind control.
Negative influences can be accessed and neutralized, returning individuals to a natural state of protection and awareness.
The nature of void as a barrier between lower planes and higher realities and the importance of gaining mastery to be a conscious co-creator with the source.
The atmosphere on Earth storing information from human actions and the significance of water as a telepathic medium.
Water being discussed as a multi-dimensional entity with omnipresent power connecting beings.
The ultimate goal of becoming conscious custodians of world systems, including galaxies, as beings from the source.
Discussion on mind control, conditioning, and the concept of revenge as a negative, fear-based system.
Importance of transcending barriers and frequencies to connect with a higher source of energy.
Mention of multi-dimensional creation, parallel dimensions, and realms beyond void.
Insights on white Draco and white-winged reptilians from another dimension who once controlled reptilians in our solar system, ultimately defeated and sealed away by the Galactic Alliance and Andromeda.
Transformation and change happening within these beings currently.
Elimination of negative extraterrestrial beings shifts focus to internal human division and darkness.
Powerful leaders like Putin engage in destructive actions fueled by unfounded fears.
Global military-industrial complex maintains stability through warfare, but system must evolve to prevent self-annihilation.
Evolution needed to enable interaction with other beings in the universe.
Summary of "The Emerald Doorway"
The book explores the author's past life experiences over 100,000 years ago as part of the Galactic Alliance.
Memories from different world systems and higher dimensions are discussed, including battles with evil beings and the concept of fear as a barrier to remembering past lives.
The importation of tyrant leaders and kings to Earth after a great war half a million years ago is mentioned, causing the planet's poles to flip every 100,000 years.
Evolved beings intervened to prevent further pole flipping, shedding light on Earth's history and malevolent beings seeking power from crystals.
Summary of the Storyline of McK and the Source Staff
McK holds a powerful staff with programmed devices and crystals guiding students to the Source.
The antagonist tries to replace the Source for more power but faces repercussions.
The narrative transitions to a hostile alien named Sendar participating in an intercivilizational war.
Future book revelations and possible film adaptations are teased, promising a journey through dimensions and advanced cinematic technology.
Coordination of Nations post-World War II to manage extraterrestrial disclosure.
Nations are reluctant to abandon military-industrial complex for a more peaceful future.
Transition to constructive future requires relinquishing destructive elements.
Current space travel propulsion methods are insufficient, prompting need for ancient anti-gravitic technology.
Humanity's ability to explore and interact with the stars hinges on adopting a new paradigm.
The Galactic Alliance and interdimensional Alliance of free worlds are working together to help Earth recover.
Governments are being compelled to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life to save humanity from annihilation.
A controlled disclosure process by the military is deemed insufficient, with a catastrophic disclosure being necessary for the truth to come out.
The involvement of galactics in the disclosure process is seen as crucial for a genuine awakening and awareness of extraterrestrial life among the population.
Discussion on Galactic Alliance, disclosure process, and awakening to higher consciousness.
Emphasis on humanity connecting with advanced beings and taking responsibility for the planet.
Importance of advancing technology and collaborating with other beings for positive change.
Limitations of the big bang theory discussed.
Potential for significant transformation through collective effort highlighted.
Importance of Co-Creating with Universal Energy.
Emphasis on actively contributing and earning salvation rather than passively waiting for external solutions.
Potential for transformative change if 150 million people globally become aware and work with universal energy.
Discussion on the concept of courage innate in individuals, essential for engaging in productive work and co-creating with the universal energy.
Highlight on overcoming societal conditioning and suppression to work with the universal energy across the Multiverse.
Challenges of translating books into different languages.
Time and cost involved in translating books.
Importance of making books accessible through talking books.
Books published through Amazon, Spark in England, and iBooks in various formats.
Benefits of connecting with higher self or atmic consciousness.
The importance of recharging oceans for environmental balance and energy sustainability.
Primordial sound can make waters glow, as seen on normal worlds.
Water H2O can store a significant amount of non-nuclear energy.
Energy is harnessed around the molecules, providing a sustainable energy source.
The world's oceans need to be recharged as they have a small charge around the Equator.