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Extraterrestrial Gods Among Us, June 15 Highlights

Michael Salla2024-07-01
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The video explores ancient Egyptian history, including the gods and dynasties, with a focus on divine beings like Atum, Shu, and Tefnut. It discusses possible extraterrestrial connections to Egyptian civilization through constellations and pyramid alignments. The connection between Atlantis and Egypt, as well as Edgar Cayce's prophecies about Atlantis and extraterrestrial involvement, is highlighted. The video also delves into genetic experiments by extraterrestrials, the Council of Nine, the Ra Material channelings promoting unity and love, and the Confederation of Planets aiming for unified planetary consciousness. The Galactic Federation and Confederation of Planets differ in their approaches to assisting humanity.

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Overview of Ancient Egyptian history as documented by Greek historian Mano.
Mano compiled detailed accounts of the 30 Egyptian dynasties, including gods, demigods, and mortal kings.
Modern scholars consider Mano's work to be definitive despite myths surrounding gods and demigods.
The Egyptian gods family tree includes Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, and Nut, with a mix of human and non-human characteristics.
The Great Ennead, consisting of nine gods, ruled early Egyptian civilization, followed by deities like Anubis and Horus associated with lions.
Ancient Egyptian gods depicted as hybrids of human and animal forms, such as Jeb the Earth God linked to snakes and crocodiles, showing a mix of human and non-human characteristics.
The Sphinx dating back to 9,700 BC aligned with Orion and Leo constellations, suggesting a possible extraterrestrial connection to Egyptian civilization.
Scholars like Robert Bal found alignments between the Giza pyramids and Orion's belt.
Fueling speculation of extraterrestrial influence on ancient Egypt's architecture and beliefs.
The connection between Atlantis and ancient civilizations like Egypt is explored in the segment.
Plato is the primary source of information on Atlantis, with Solon learning about it from Egyptian priests during Alexander the Great's reign.
Evidence from ice core samples in Greenland suggests that Atlantis sank due to cataclysmic floods around 9,700 BC, coinciding with the end of the last ice age.
The rapid melting of ice caps in North America led to a global flood, resulting in the destruction of coastal cities worldwide.
Edgar Casey, a renowned prophet known for his accurate readings and healing abilities.
Casey's predictions included insights on Atlantis and ancient Egypt, which are still relevant today.
He confirmed Atlantis's role in imperial wars and its ties to Egypt as a colony.
Casey also mentioned Atlanteans migrating to Egypt before a major catastrophe.
Information from Phil Schmer's book discusses extraterrestrial civilizations collaborating with Atlanteans through the Council of Nine.
Extraterrestrial genetic manipulation and the influence of the Council of Nine on human evolution.
24 extraterrestrial civilizations have conducted genetic experiments on Earth over millions of years, resulting in the creation of modern humans.
Negative extraterrestrial groups are obstructing the return of benevolent beings who aim to assist humanity by manipulating perceptions.
Edgar Cayce's work suggests that Atlantis fell due to negative extraterrestrial influences prioritizing material gain.
The Law of One emphasizes empathy as opposed to self-gratification, providing a contrast in human evolution.
Summary of the Ra Material channelings.
The channelings took place from 1981 to 1984 and involved three individuals, including Professor Don Elkins, a nuclear physicist.
Abstract concepts like the Law of One were emphasized, focusing on unity and love.
The Ra social memory complex communicated the Law of One, promoting identification with all beings.
The Confederation of planets supports the Law of One philosophy on a galactic level, aiming for unified planetary consciousness and challenging divisions among beings.
The Confederation of Planets and Galactic Federation.
The Confederation of Planets comprises 53 civilizations and 500 planetary Consciousness complexes striving for unified planetary Consciousness.
Membership in the Confederation requires adopting a law of one philosophy and serving the one infinite Creator.
The Confederation is a spiritual organization where civilizations from Earth and other galaxies unite for a common goal, distinct from political motives.
In contrast, the Galactic Federation operates as a centralized organization with the power to authorize military force, similar to the United States federal government.
Differences between Galactic Federation and Confederation of Planets.
Galactic Federation promotes militarized response against negative extraterrestrial groups.
Confederation of Planets focuses on spiritual evolution to free humanity from oppression.
Discussion on different densities of consciousness and extraterrestrial intervention on Earth.