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ET Contact, Artemis Accords, Space Ark and “20 and back” SSP claims

Michael Salla2024-04-27
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The video discusses various topics related to UFO encounters, secret space programs, and international space alliances. It covers genetic predispositions for interacting with UFOs, bilateral agreements like the Emus Accords, whistleblowers' testimonies, advanced mind interface technologies, China and Russia's secret space programs, and the importance of studying UFO phenomena. The segment also highlights the Galileo project for UFO research and upcoming webinars on Russia's secret space program. Overall, it emphasizes the need for credible investigations and discussions on extraterrestrial encounters and space exploration.

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UFO encounters and military injuries related to genetics, DNA, and consciousness.
US Army serviceman JP is highlighted as a contactee who can safely interact with UFOs due to his genetic makeup and consciousness.
Military recruits individuals like JP for their ability to access advanced technology without injury.
The connection between military injuries near UFOs and the recruitment of unconventional individuals is emphasized.
Slovenia becomes the 39th country to sign the aramus Accords.
The Emus Accords and US Leadership in Space Affairs.
The Emus Accords are bilateral agreements between the US and various countries' national space programs, aiming to solidify US leadership in space for the future.
Major space-bearing nations, excluding Russia and China, have joined the Emus Accords.
The US is actively working towards a 'Star Trek future' in space exploration, with a goal identified for the next 40 years to prevent China from becoming the dominant space power.
Russia may eventually join the Emus Accords and US military framework.
Highlights from Recent Information on Space Exploration and Exopolitics
Elena's Star Nations News offers insights on the Moon and updates on space exploration plans by different countries.
The Galactic Federation of Worlds reports on the Earth Alliance and secret space programs conducting medical research on the Moon.
Exopolitics Institute to offer six courses starting in May 2024, taught by experienced instructors such as Manuel Laroy and Paola Harris.
Observations of Unusual Ship Congregations in the Mid-Atlantic.
A military contractor uses specialized shipping software to track and analyze ship movements, noting discrepancies in behavior between the North Atlantic and east Asian coastlines.
The contractor's observations hint at potential covert military activities or strategic positioning, emphasizing the importance of monitoring naval movements in international waters.
International military vessels, including US and Netherlands ships, are conducting operations in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bermuda Triangle.
The Space Arc, originally located in the Bermuda Triangle, has been relocated further east to promote collaboration in researching and utilizing extraterrestrial technologies.
The US maintains a significant presence in the region, with a Dutch Navy ship positioned above the submerged Arc for access via an elevator shaft.
Ongoing international interest and activity in the area is indicated by the data collected from these operations.
Whistleblower with 22-year career in US Air Force claims to have served in secret space program.
Previous whistleblowers Michael Ralph and Randy Kramer also discussed the '20 and back' program.
Legal disputes over trademarks and intellectual property rights have made the term '20 and back' toxic.
Newer whistleblowers like Jason San are being discredited for using the term without owning the trademark.
Challenges and controversies surrounding disclosures about secret space programs are highlighted.
Doubts about Randy Kramer's credibility.
Kramer claimed to be part of a 20 and back program in 2014 but faced skepticism.
Despite issuing a statement and releasing his DD214, there were still doubts.
Kramer's 22-year service in the US Air Force added some credibility.
The speaker worked with Kramer until 2021 but became uncomfortable with his story, ultimately finding it lacking in credibility.
UFO recovery in Kingman, Arizona in the 1950s.
Former Air Force veteran and contractor Bill Uhouse worked on reverse engineering programs involving a recovered UFO.
Christopher Mellon's information provides corroboration for Uhouse's claims.
Importance of acknowledging and studying whistleblower testimonies in UFO research.
Challenges faced by individuals coming forward with information about UFOs.
UFO researchers often undermine whistleblowers' testimonies by focusing on minor details.
Robert Morning Star shares his experiences with alien encounters and testing advanced technologies for the Office of Naval Intelligence.
Morning Star describes programs testing mind technology interfaces for retrofitted aircraft like F-14s and F-15s, using gamma brain waves to pilot these crafts.
He mentions a super soldier's experience flying a specially modified F-15 equipped with mind technology interface at Area 51 in the 1980s.
Experiments in mind interface technology conducted in the 80s on planes like the F-5F and F-14.
A Navy whistleblower shared information about secret United Nations meetings and military operations.
The whistleblower, a genuine US Navy pilot, faced strict conditions and was compelled to backtrack.
Emphasis on the importance of protecting military personnel's identities.
Introduction of Robert Morningstar's credibility and website for further reading, as well as Billy Carson's background in Ancient Aliens and research on the Emerald Tablets.
Billy Carson recounts a traumatic experience with gray extraterrestrials in his living room.
The experience led to the destruction of his family unit.
Carson emphasizes the emotional impact and need for credibility in extraterrestrial testimonies.
Credible claims require an investigative process, especially in the face of potential suppression by governments and corporations.
China's independent space station mission is driven by concerns of intellectual property theft and exclusion from the International Space Station program.
China's secret space program and advanced technologies have been kept hidden from the US and Europe.
China has been waiting to develop their own reverse engineering programs.
China is not cooperating with the US-led International Space Alliance and is pursuing its own parallel space program.
It is important to monitor China's space developments as they use conventional space programs as a cover for their secret initiatives.
The US used the Apollo program in a similar manner in the past.
Russia's veto of the resolution reaffirming the ban on placing nuclear weapons in space leads to its failure despite support from 13 nations.
Speculation arises regarding Putin's concern over the US space technology advantage.
US leadership in space alliances and agreements with extraterrestrials is highlighted.
US dominance in space coordination efforts with the Galactic Federation is noted.
Allegations are made of the Biden administration being a puppet regime for the deep state to create enmity with Russia through the Ukraine conflict, with a lack of support for peaceful resolution in the US and European nations.
Putin supports placing nuclear weapons in space to assert Russia's interests and counter US and European actions in Ukraine.
Russia's strategy aims to establish a de facto veto in space operations and maintain influence in future space endeavors.
The potential use of nuclear weapons in space is seen as a last resort to secure Russia's global position.
The Galileo project has received funding for a UAP Observatory station at Harvard University.
The Galileo project is funded to study UFOs with detailed empirical data, photos, and eyewitness accounts.
There is a mismatch in funding for UFO research within the scientific community, leading to limited examination of UFO sightings.
The project aims to provide overwhelming empirical data to prove the reality of UFO phenomena.
The speaker was removed from a university for taking eyewitness data seriously.
More funding and support are needed for a better understanding of the UFO phenomenon and to allow discussion of eyewitness accounts without punishment.
Emphasis on examining data from eyewitness accounts, photos, and videos related to UFOs.
Announcement of an upcoming webinar on Russia's secret space program, highlighting Russia as a major player in space programs.
Mention of intention to write a book on Russia's secret space program within the next year, inviting viewers to join the webinar for more insights.
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