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Discovered Lost Tapes Confirm ET Contact and SSP claims by French Experiencer

Michael Salla2024-06-10
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Jean Charles Moen, a filmmaker and whistleblower, discovered tapes from 1988 and 1992 supporting his claims of secret space programs and extraterrestrial contact. The tapes detail his psychic experiences and past life as an extraterrestrial named Luca. They also discuss encounters with different beings, evidence of reincarnation, and interactions with extraterrestrials in a secret space program. Charles emphasizes the importance of corroborating evidence and gamma brain wave activity linked to extraordinary abilities and interactions with extraterrestrial technologies. The video encourages unity and collective missions for star families, promoting planetary progression and spiritual growth.

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Discovery of tapes from 1988 and 1992 corroborates secret space program whistleblower's claims.
Tapes reveal filmmaker's experiences and psychic abilities from a young age.
Filmmaker found tapes while cleaning his office and had to purchase a player to listen to them.
Recordings align with recent testimony, providing substantial evidence for claims and changing whistleblower timeline.
Tapes highlight filmmaker's foresight and credibility in disclosures.
Speaker recounts near-death experience involving white beings and hearing Amazing Grace.
Clinically dead for 9 minutes before being revived.
Gaps in memory post-revival, including forgetting about recording psychic experiences in 1988-89.
Rediscovering tapes triggers flood of memories and emotions, reshaping perspective on life.
Importance of evidence from forgotten recordings emphasized.
The segment discusses a tape made in 1988 by an 18-year-old describing experiences as an extraterrestrial being in a space program.
The tape details encounters with Men in Black, telekinesis abilities, and teleportation experiences.
The narrator describes being married to a blue being from Lyra.
The segment covers feeling different from other children and the consistency of the narrator's speech over the years.
The tape serves as a record of past life experiences before coming to Earth, providing insights into a unique perspective on existence.
Jean Charles recalls past life as extraterrestrial named Luca and missions such as rescuing people from slave trade.
Remembers having psychic abilities like telekinesis and teleportation, being detained by Men in Black, and escaping using psychic powers.
Describes events during birth in 1969, including gamma burst wave and astronomical observations.
Discusses being abducted for a mission by extraterrestrials and age progression.
Despite skepticism, Charles openly shares experiences from 36 years ago in a 1988 interview.
Speaker recounts a childhood experience of disappearing and reappearing on a spaceship surrounded by bright beings.
He describes being transferred into the body of John Charles by green-skinned beings with red eyes.
Many humans on Earth are believed to be extraterrestrials incarnated to carry out missions.
Speaker's encounters include cat people, aquatic beings, and hybrids, supporting the idea of reincarnation across the universe.
Evidence of reincarnation from beings outside Earth into human life is discussed.
Depictions of bird-headed, cat-headed, and feline humanoids in Egyptian temples are mentioned as evidence of real extraterrestrials.
Mythology is argued to be based on real beings from other worlds, not fictional.
Personal experiences of encountering giants and strange fruits are shared as proof of non-mythological beings' existence.
The importance of historical records depicting humanoid beings with various features is emphasized.
Ancient interactions with extraterrestrial beings and consciousness transferring.
Stories of reptilian and cat beings engaging with humanity in ancient times.
Reports of astral travel experiences during sleep and potential missions on spaceships.
Reference to a 1992 radio show detailing secret space program encounters and encounters with Men In Black.
Caution advised when discussing these topics due to perceived past dangers.
Jean Charles shares his encounters with extraterrestrials at a military base and his belief in a government agreement with them.
He alleges being recruited into a joint French-US Secret Space Program from 1991 to 2011 and participating in a 20-and-back program.
Charles details his experiences and beliefs as a star seed in his book "Revelations."
Jean Charles shares his experiences and revelations dating back to 1992, emphasizing their authenticity.
He addresses skepticism and emphasizes the physical evidence supporting his story, including recorded tapes from his youth.
Charles highlights the importance of corroborating evidence to validate his extraordinary experiences, such as psychic abilities and interactions with star seeds.
He mentions brain wave testing revealing a significant gamma burst, linking his experiences to universal connections.
Overall, Charles aims to provide clarity and credibility to his narrative amidst doubts and scrutiny.
The segment explores gamma brain wave activity and its association with extraordinary abilities like telekinesis and teleportation.
Secret government agencies are interested in individuals with high levels of gamma brain wave activity, as they may have the potential to operate extraterrestrial technologies.
Specific individuals with remarkable gamma brain wave activities, such as Steven Cha, a Singaporean super soldier, are mentioned in the segment.
Gamma brain wave activity is linked to the ability to interact safely with extraterrestrial craft and technologies, as individuals without this activity have reportedly suffered serious injuries near UFOs.
Variations in brain wave activity between children and adults, focusing on children's gamma brain waves.
Individuals with high gamma brain wave activity may exhibit psychic abilities.
Claims of a Russian psychic army of 10,000 recruiting individuals with special abilities.
Story of a young girl in Russia who could read with her finger and eyes closed.
Russia and China collaborating on developing superhumans for defense purposes.
Discussion on advanced technologies and experiments related to extraterrestrial topics, psychokinesis, and telepathy in Russia.
Mention of devices like medbeds and other technologies from Russian scientists.
Speculation on enhancing human intelligence through brain activation or microchips, inspired by Elon Musk's ideas.
Exploration of the possibility of activating telekinesis and other abilities through technology.
Emphasis on unity and collective missions for star families at spiritual gatherings like the galactic spiritual informers connection event in Denver.
Encouragement to register and support the Gathering of the Star Families for planetary unity and progression.
Information on watching the latest videos and films on star seed revelations.
Viewers directed to JCmo.com for easy access to content.
Farewell exchange and anticipation for future interactions.
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