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Children with abilities, CIA-run Black Budgets, Ancient Gods and the Multiverse

Michael Salla2024-06-08
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The video segments discuss UFO disclosure organizations, encounters with extraterrestrials, ancient ET interactions, advanced technologies, geopolitical conflicts, and alleged secret societies manipulating world events. Mention of a dark group pushing for a third world war, reverse engineering of UFO technology, and claims of a galactic slave trade involving extraterrestrial elements. The segments touch on whistleblowers, government treaties with aliens, and the CIA's alleged involvement in human trafficking and funding secret programs. Overall, the video explores a complex web of conspiracy theories, historical events, and potential extraterrestrial influences on Earth.

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New UFO disclosure organization, UAP Disclosure Fund, includes former military and intelligence officials advocating for government transparency on unidentified phenomena.
UAP Disclosure Fund supports UAP legislation, whistleblowers, and scientific research.
Concerns exist about the organization's true intentions and whether it aims for genuine disclosure or limited information dissemination.
Similar organizations like the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office have faced criticism for restricting information.
Raises questions about the role of such organizations in shaping public understanding of UFO-related events.
Experiences with military-related space program and encounters with extraterrestrials in old audio tapes from 1988 and 1992.
Jean Charles faced criticism for potentially copying others' testimonies but was eager to release the tapes.
Anna Luna recounts an encounter with Men in Black at an Air Force Base where intelligence officials obstructed a briefing on UAP-related events.
The upcoming webinar will focus on ancient ET gods and their interactions with humanity, presenting hieroglyphs suggesting non-human intelligences coexisted and shared knowledge with humans in ancient Egypt.
Discussion on events in our solar system, CER mission to Europa, history of Saturn with Anunaki associations, trade agreements, black goo, and extraterrestrial communication.
Insights on golden pyramids, ascension, human liberation based on real events, extraterrestrial visitation, control, and shape-shifting reptilians.
Exploration of JP's claims of a space Arc in the Atlantic Ocean and monitoring ship activity by Ruso Zano, a contractor for the US military.
Movement of the space Arc from the Bermuda Triangle to the center of the Atlantic Ocean.
Observations of anomalous ship activity around the space Arc, with US Navy ships connected to it by tubes for entry.
Internationalization of ships around the space Arc leads to researchers monitoring ship activity for evidence of congregating ships.
Billy Carson's interview with Joe Rogan reveals hidden archaeology insights and a story about Enki tweaking human DNA for enhanced abilities.
Contrasting Enki's actions with Enlil's desire to control humanity's intelligence.
Discussion on military whistleblower Scott Andrews' claim of enhanced abilities from his time in the US military.
Similarities between Andrews' experiences and those of secret space program witnesses, with children being groomed for special abilities.
Mention of Michael Cant Wolf, who displayed advanced abilities in the 1950s, showcasing a long history of precocious children being recruited by the US military.
Geopolitical analysis and historic US efforts to dismantle Russia post-Soviet Union collapse are briefly touched upon in the segment.
Backtracking of agreements between the West and Russia due to neocons and neoliberals.
Advocates for conflict with Russia aiming to break it into multiple states lack geopolitical analysis.
Neocons and neoliberals are front men for powerful secret societies with darker agendas.
Secret societies are well-funded and aim to destroy major countries like Russia.
Conflict may potentially lead to nuclear war, with suggestions of secret societies and extraterrestrials manipulating individuals for sinister purposes.
Ross Colart discusses the idea of a dark, sinister group behind geopolitical conflicts aiming to start a third world war.
JP updates on an ancient biodome on the moon, believed to house extinct plant life.
Ross talks about his journey to accepting the reality of UFOs and the reverse engineering of UFO technology in the US.
There is a discrepancy as Ross ignores the work of Dr. Steven Greer and his findings of credible insiders and whistleblowers on the UFO phenomenon and successful reverse engineering of UFO craft.
Reverse Engineering of Advanced Technologies and UFO Cover-Up Allegations.
Boeing and other organizations have tried to reverse engineer advanced technologies, with limited success.
Researcher Ross Cart believes there is a cover-up surrounding recovered UFO technology that has not been successfully reverse engineered.
Japanese lawmakers have established a UFO study group to investigate UAP sightings as potential national security threats, following the lead of the US and Mexican legislatures.
The emphasis on labeling UFOs as national security threats may impede genuine curiosity and transparency on the subject.
William Cooper and his controversial UFO book 'Behold The Pale Horse'.
Cooper was privy to classified US Navy documents and likely exaggerated stories to protect himself.
His approach of combining revelations with disinformation sparked debate among supporters and skeptics.
Despite being debunked by many, some believe in supporting whistleblowers like Cooper for their safety.
The 1990s were a dangerous time for individuals revealing sensitive information, as seen with cases like Phil Schneider.
UFO sightings by chefs and similarities to incidents in Texas.
Chefs claim to have witnessed a diamond-shaped UFO accompanied by an aircraft, similar to a 1980 incident in Texas.
Speculation on American involvement in UFO sightings.
Former Customs and Border Protection agent discusses human trafficking and CIA funding.
Link between human trafficking, CIA funding, and illegal activities like drug running and arms trade.
The CIA raises over a trillion dollars a year for a black budget through alternative revenue sources.
The funds are used to finance deep underground military bases and secret space programs without Congressional oversight.
Human trafficking plays a significant role in contributing to this budget.
Tony Rodriges, a former victim of a galactic slave trade, provides compelling testimony and evidence to support these claims.
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