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Which Brand Makes The BEST POLO? (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Psycho Bunny & More)

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The video segment discusses the top six most popular Polo brands based on fit, quality, and overall value. Brands like Collars and Co, Cycle Bunny, and Ralph Lauren are highlighted for their unique features, materials, and fit. Psycho Bunny emerges as the top-rated brand, while Hugo Boss ranks at the bottom. Overall, the video provides insights into the best options for individuals looking for high-quality Polo shirts.

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Top six most popular Polo brands based on fit, quality, and overall value.
Collars and Co combines the look of a dress shirt with polo comfort, made of performance polyester material with features like four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying.
The shirt is lightweight with a deep three-button placket and stiff collar, true to size and comfortable with a long body length.
Collars and Co stands out for its unique features and high-quality construction.
Highlights of the Cycle Bunny Polo Shirt
Made from 100% Pima cotton for comfort and durability.
Heaviest Polo out of six with diamond knit PK fabric that maintains shape.
Features unique two-button placket design, longer collar, and mother of pearl buttons.
Classic trim fit with narrow shoulders and wider chest opening.
Rated highly for fit, quality, and value, scoring 27 out of 30.
Comparison of Hugo Boss Paddy Pro Polo and Fred Perry M3600 Polo.
Hugo Boss Paddy Pro Polo is priced at $150, made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester with standard fabric feel and unique design elements.
The fit of Hugo Boss Polo is regular, but sizing up is recommended for a slimmer fit, with an average quality and value rating.
Fred Perry M3600 Polo is priced at $98, made from 100% PK cotton, known for its tennis roots and expansion into casual wear.
Review of Lacoste Polo Shirt
The Lacoste Polo shirt has a classic fit and lightweight fabric, with a signature alligator patch, but some issues with length and shrinkage.
It receives a rating of 22 out of 30 for fit, quality, and value.
Ralph Lauren is the most popular Polo brand globally, known for putting polos on the map and living up to its hype.
Review of the Ralph Lauren custom slim fit Polo in size medium.
The Polo is a balance between slim and not too slim, priced at $110.
Made of 100% cotton with PK fabric, the heaviest among all polos in the video.
Features a 20-inch chest opening, fitted sleeve openings, and a drop tail.
Collar tends to lose shape quickly.
Rated 25 out of 30 for fit, quality, and value.
Psycho Bunny ranked as the best Polo, with Hugo Boss at the bottom.