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The Fed JUST Changed their Target AGAIN | HOUSING CRASH

Meet Kevin2024-04-04
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The video covers the Federal Reserve's focus on the housing market, potential corrections, impact of Fed rate cuts, and affordability concerns. It also addresses how illegal immigration can benefit real estate in certain areas, the oversaturation of the rental market in Texas, and the potential impact of upcoming economic reports on the housing market. The speaker expresses caution regarding short-term market optimism, potential conflicts of interest, and advises viewers to be prepared for market fluctuations.

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Federal Reserve focusing on housing market trends.
Recent trends suggest potential corrections in the housing market.
Dallas Fed credits itself for preventing overinflation in housing.
Mortgage rates at 7% challenge affordability.
Market analysis indicates potential downturn, requiring close monitoring for future Fed actions.
Impact of Illegal Immigration on Real Estate.
Illegal immigration can drive population growth and increase housing demand in states like Texas and Florida.
California's restrictive housing policies have led to rising home prices due to insufficient housing supply.
Population trends in Texas and Florida show a decrease in growth, resulting in a decline in rent prices.
Building more homes is crucial to meeting demand and stabilizing housing costs.
Oversaturation of rental market near hospitals in Texas leading to price drops and increased concessions.
Many new constructions struggling to fill units, causing rents to decline and inventory to increase.
Stagnation in owner's equivalent rents impacting core inflation and the housing market.
Predictions of a slowdown in housing data with implications for inflation.
Monitoring housing's role in inflation and market response to trends is crucial.
Discussion on housing market and potential impact of economic reports.
Concern about bad jobs and CPI reports leading to a major correction.
Speaker's bullish stance on the market since November 2022.
Recently turned bearish due to indicators like BTC and NASDAQ topping out.
Emphasis on upcoming data sets, potential rate cuts, and need to be prepared for market fluctuations.
Caution regarding short-term market optimism and levels of greed and fear.
Video does not provide personalized advice, only offers generalized perspective.
Speaker mentions potential conflicts of interest with paid affiliations and promoted products.
Speaker may hold long or short positions in various securities but has no relationship with any issuer other than House Haack.
Viewers advised to read the PPM at house.com before investing in House Haack.