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Rappers Who Can’t Accept They’ve Fallen Off

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French Montana's career decline due to faking streams and desperate attempts for fame, Lil Pump's rise and fall in the music industry, J.Cole's warning to Lil Pump, Smokepurpp's struggles post-success, and YBN Namir's decline in relevance are highlighted. The segment empathizes with artists facing financial struggles and online criticism, emphasizing the harsh reality of the industry. The speaker urges viewers to support artists and acknowledges the challenges they face.

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French Montana's rise to fame, controversies, and backlash.
French Montana faced declining numbers and controversy after being accused of faking streams and hacking into people's Spotify accounts.
He made the mistake of claiming to have more hits than Kendrick Lamar, resulting in widespread internet backlash and ridicule.
It was widely acknowledged that Kendrick Lamar is superior both statistically and musically to French Montana.
French Montana faces backlash for releasing multiple versions of album 'Mac and Cheese 5'.
French Montana's questionable marketing tactics included releasing numerous singles and vinyl sales scams.
The album only sold 34,000 copies in the first week despite the efforts to boost streams and sales.
Fans criticized his actions as desperate and embarrassing, highlighting the lack of genuine success in his career.
The incident highlighted the lengths some artists go to manipulate streaming numbers and album sales.
Lil Pump's rise to fame with hit songs like D Rose and Gucci Gang, known for lack of lyrical depth.
Critics questioned Lil Pump's longevity in the music industry due to his simplistic lyrics.
A playful beef with J.Cole sparked controversy, with Lil Pump disrespecting the rapper for attention.
The feud garnered criticism from older fans and support from younger audiences.
Lil Pump's career trajectory and controversies are highlighted in this segment.
J.Cole's song 1985 warns Lil Pump about the consequences of his success in the music industry.
Lil Pump's career declined after 2018, with decreasing numbers and a lack of evolution in his music style.
Lil Pump made questionable appearances, such as at a Trump rally, in search of attention.
J.Cole's predictions about Lil Pump's career trajectory ultimately led to a plateau in his success and relevance in the music industry.
Lil Pump and Smokepurpp face challenges in their careers after initial success.
Lil Pump's album Lil Pump 2 underperformed.
Smokepurpp struggled to replicate his early hits.
Smokepurpp's 2019 freestyle on Tim Westwood received criticism and internet backlash.
Smokepurpp's promotional efforts for his next album Florida jit were met with skepticism and accusations of self-deception.
Smokepurpp faces backlash and ridicule after his album 'Florida Jit' flops.
Despite low album sales, he remains dedicated to his fans.
Smokepurpp disappoints fans by not showing up for a show in Cleveland, leading to refunds.
Involved in a shady money request scheme, showing desperation for funds.
Attempts at a comeback with corny TikTok skits and controversial behavior showcase his career decline.
YBN Namir's decline in music career is highlighted.
Since 2018, he has struggled to stay relevant in the industry despite past success.
Namir denies falling off but engages in public disputes and social media posts to prove his worth.
He charges fans to DM him and defends his actions, showing financial insecurity.
Past hit songs are overshadowed by current controversies and lack of new hits, indicating a decline in popularity.
Challenges faced by artists in the music industry.
Financial struggles and online criticism are common hardships.
Speaker empathizes with artists like Namir facing public ridicule.
Acknowledgment of harsh reality of internet and unlikely change in behavior towards artists.
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