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Hologram Electronics Chroma Console Honest Review & Demo | Full Deep Dive & Thoughts

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The video showcases the Chroma console from Hologram Electronics, a versatile pedal inspired by vintage recording gear. It offers a blend of effects like drive, boost, compression, modulation, reverb, and delay for unique sound enhancements. The setup allows for deep experimentation and customization of sounds, catering to various music genres. Priced at $400, the Chroma Console is recommended for musicians seeking a distinct and unconventional addition to their setup.

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Introduction of the Chroma console from Hologram Electronics.
The console combines vintage recording gear sounds with a modern twist, perfect for Indie music effects.
Various knobs and buttons are showcased, demonstrating individual sounds and sound combinations.
Features, compatibility with other pedals, and potential uses of the console are discussed.
Gear used in the video, such as guitars, bass, and drums, is highlighted for a better understanding of the sound production process.
Overview of primary and secondary controls for different effects modules.
Explanation of adjusting sensitivity levels and navigating presets using foot switches.
Highlight of the calibration feature for customizing headroom levels based on guitar pickups.
Detailed description of effects categories including drive, boost, compression, modulation, reverb, delay, and texture.
Unique sound enhancements offered by each effects category for guitarists.
Overview of Effects Setup
Drives lead to modulations, which go into wet effects such as reverb and delays, then into texture effects for unique sounds.
Modules like character and movement provide control over sensitivity and sound intensity.
Swell gradually pans chords into full sound, with secondary controls for sensitivity adjustment.
Movement module includes effects like doubler and vibrato, with rate impacting speed, allowing for deep experimentation and customization of sounds.
Exploration of different effects like phaser and tremolo in music production.
Drift effect adds a stuttery element, while the phaser module creates similar results.
Defusion module showcases different clean tones and delays.
Space section covers reverb, explaining mix and trail time options for room effects.
Segment highlights versatility of sound effects and their impact on music production.
The versatility of the Deco pedal in offering various effects such as modulations, overdrive, tape saturation, tape delay, flange, and chorus is highlighted.
Understanding the primary use of the pedal is crucial in determining its placement in the chain.
It is recommended to place the Deco pedal first in the modulation pedal section for primarily modulation uses.
Deciding where to place the pedal can be challenging if it is intended for multiple effects.
The speaker shares a personal experience of successfully using the Deco pedal in a gig despite initial uncertainty.
Importance of pedal placement in effects pedal setup.
Using cleaner pedals with chroma console for optimal performance.
Experimenting with pedal placement to achieve desired sounds.
Using boosts to enhance tones.
Mixing effects together, showcasing compression, phaser, and tremolo for overall sound.
Features of the chroma console for character movement diffusion and pedal chain adjustments.
Effects options include filter, phaser, reverb, and drive for creating diverse sounds.
Encouragement for experimentation to achieve unique results.
Additional features such as gesture function, capture for sustainer and looper capabilities, preset storage, dual bypass, expression control mapping, and global settings adjustments.
The chroma console excels in modulations and fuzzes for a psych rock sound, appealing to various musical styles.
Overview of the Chroma Console pedal.
The pedal is inspired by vintage recording gear and is suitable for indie, pop, psych rock, and experimental music.
It is adaptable for various genres such as rock, hip-hop, jazz, and more.
Priced at $400, it offers a wide range of effects that can be customized for endless possibilities.
Not ideal for those solely interested in reverb effects, but recommended for musicians seeking a distinct and unconventional addition to their setup.
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