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I made these 23 websites (and earned $562,943)

Marc Lou2024-04-16
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The video showcases the creator's journey through various entrepreneurial projects, including building websites and apps like habit trackers and language workbooks. They discuss revenue generation, traffic growth strategies, and product launches, highlighting successes and challenges faced along the way. The speaker also shares insights on using AI technology, creating viral videos, and developing products like website generators and invoice tools. The video touches on monetization methods, collaborations with industry influencers, and the sale of products for substantial amounts, showcasing the speaker's entrepreneurial evolution and diverse project portfolio.

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Success story of an individual who built multiple websites and apps after being fired from a software engineer job in 2021.
Developed a movie recommendation app called Mood to Movie, which gained viral traction with 100,000 visitors and was shared on various platforms.
Created a habit tracker app inspired by 'Atomic Habits' with a virtual garden feature, priced at $9 per month.
The habit tracker app attracted 14,000 users with consistent traffic and spikes after being posted on Hacker News, leading to customer acquisition and revenue generation.
Entrepreneurial journey highlights.
Revenue from habit tracker increased after removing free plan.
Peak revenue reached around $500 per month before declining.
Habit tracker sold for $10,000, with total earnings of $17-$18,000.
Introduced new project Books Calculator to visualize reading habits.
Discussion of a platform similar to Reddit for engaging with recent hacks and top posts, leading to viral growth and significant traffic.
Monetization through ad placements and a paywall for advertising on the platform.
Speaker's experience developing an app during a flight, resulting in the creation of an accountability group platform.
Despite success and positive feedback from Twitter, minimal revenue generation is reported.
Mention of a decision game app that offers users a fun way to make choices and save scores.
Building a gamified list of gamification apps for real-life goals.
The list includes apps like Duolingo and habit trackers with reviews, categories, and monetization features.
Insights shared on traffic growth, keyword rankings, and app promotion strategies.
Introduction of Visualize Habit app for setting goals and tracking progress visually.
Reflection on successful app launches and New Year resolution opportunities.
Creating viral videos to promote their app led to increased traffic and signups.
Developing a habit tracker app called Heroit received positive feedback and a product badge.
Building a chatbot using AI technology with a friend, leveraging Naval's tweets for training.
Despite challenges with pricing and abuse, the app garnered decent traffic.
Reflecting on the success of projects and community support during product launches.
Speaker creates website with 300 Naval quotes and discusses 'Fake It Until You Make It' app.
Indie page created for entrepreneurs to showcase startups, with 5,000 registered users and pricing options.
The platform offers public profiles, analytics, and newsletter integration.
Details shared on personalizing Indie page, connecting with Stripe for revenue tracking, and analytics features.
The speaker highlights the benefits of sharing the Indie page with others to increase traffic and revenue.
Mech Ling, a website generator powered by AI, was created to allow users to input text for the AI to generate a customizable landing page.
The landing page features headers, testimonials, and CTAs that users can preview and deploy on their own domain.
The product was rebranded to Lending AI, resulting in significant revenue growth and eventually being sold on Acquire for $35,000.
Creating language workbooks, Chip Fast codebase, and positive testimonials.
Language workbooks are based on topics of interest to make learning engaging.
Chip Fast codebase launched to help developers start projects faster.
Chip Fast received positive testimonials and significant traffic from social media and word of mouth.
Codebase available on GitHub with documentation for setting up landing pages and payment systems.
Revenue Generation and Product Launch Highlights
Generated $380,000 in revenue, $32,000 from new product launch.
Used software to prevent fraudulent payments on Stripe after personal ban due to fraudulent credit card activity.
Software helps set up rules to prevent fraud and provides notifications for account activity.
Utilized fun videos with popular culture references to kickstart product launches and attract visitors, leading to collaborations with industry influencers.
AI technology used for creating fake backgrounds and characters in movies.
Introduction of free tool called Logas for generating icons, leading to financial success from products.
Launch of Logo Fast product with positive recognition.
Utilization of Google to rank pages and generate sales through promotions.
Transition from using Stripe for invoicing to creating Z Invoice with one-time payment model for generating unlimited invoices.
Overview of the segment focusing on invoice retrieval process, customer edit options, and introduction of Poop Up product.
Customers are able to modify details like business name and VAT number on invoices, improving customization options.
Introduction of Poop Up, a website plugin for notifications, which has generated over $4,000 in revenue within two months.
Positive feedback received from the CEO of Versal regarding the Poop Up product, indicating potential success.
Mention of other software projects developed by the speaker, such as a Facebook Messenger bot for escape room businesses to increase conversions.
Creation of Messenger Bot Business and Transition to Game Widget.
Speaker shares experience of creating messenger bot business generating $69,000 online before shifting to a game widget on a website due to COVID-19 impacts.
Challenges faced in acquiring customers during transition process.
Game Widget offers interactive escape room experience on website with puzzles and rewards for users.
Speaker sells business for $43,000, marking first startup acquisition.