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Smartest Way To Make $10,000/Month In 2024

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The video covers various methods of making money online, including social media marketing agencies, freelancing, real estate, e-commerce, and YouTube. The speaker discusses the challenges and benefits of each method, emphasizing the potential for significant income through YouTube channels. They highlight the importance of creating valuable content, building a team, and utilizing platforms like Upwork for hiring. Overall, the video promotes YouTube as a high leverage platform for generating income and offers a free 60-day challenge to aid channel growth.

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Key highlights of making money online.
Different paths work for different people, but the speaker believes he has found the smartest way to make money.
Challenges of social media marketing agencies (SMMA) and freelancing include finding clients, dealing with bad clients, and facing competition.
SMMA can be profitable, but may not offer high leverage preferred by the speaker.
Freelancing also has its drawbacks.
Various online money-making methods like freelancing, real estate, and e-commerce are discussed.
Freelancing offers quick money but is limited by skill and client availability.
Real estate has long-term benefits but requires significant investment and time.
E-commerce, including dropshipping, can be profitable but faces high competition and upfront marketing costs.
Profit margins may be misleading due to gross revenue vs. actual profit.
Making money on YouTube without showing your face.
Use free stock footage and video editing software to create content.
Write original scripts, record using a phone's audio recorder, and create enticing thumbnails.
YouTube places ads on videos, allowing creators to earn money based on views.
Creators can generate significant income over time with multiple channels and a backlog of videos.
The potential for making money on YouTube through consistent revenue from multiple channels.
Creating a personal channel, selling online courses, and providing value to viewers are highlighted as ways to earn money.
Long-term earning potential of YouTube videos, even from content uploaded years ago, is emphasized.
Recommendations are provided based on whether one has more time or money to invest in creating and uploading videos.
The segment underscores the lucrative opportunities available on YouTube for those willing to put in the effort.
Importance of building a team for running multiple YouTube channels.
Use of platforms like Upwork for hiring team members.
Personal experiences balancing school with YouTube, acknowledging challenges and decisions made.
Expressing gratitude for pursuing YouTube as a profitable endeavor and suggesting it as a viable option for making money.
Benefits of YouTube as a high leverage platform for generating income and offering a free 60-day YouTube challenge for channel growth.