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Ranking Every Side Hustle To Make Money Online (So You Don’t Have To)

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The video discusses various online money-making opportunities, such as e-commerce, digital product creation, affiliate marketing, Instagram theme pages, YouTube channels, online surveys, and drop shipping. It emphasizes the potential for significant income through high-ticket affiliate products, passive income from YouTube, and scalable businesses like social media marketing agencies. The importance of providing value to customers and consistent effort in content creation is highlighted. Matt Par shares his secret for going viral and monetizing content effectively.

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Tier list of the best and worst ways to earn money on the internet.
E-commerce is competitive with slim profit margins and requires marketing budgets.
E-commerce is ranked as a 'C' on the tier list, indicating better side hustles exist.
An alternative is having others promote your digital products to generate income.
Leveraging skills and expertise can lead to income generation on the internet.
Creating digital products in popular niches like health, wealth, relationships, and technology can be lucrative.
Examples of courses in these niches have generated millions in revenue.
Leveraging affiliates to promote and sell courses can boost sales and create passive income streams.
Instagram theme pages can be profitable by selling shoutouts as advertisements to companies.
Developing skills that others want to learn about is crucial for successful online businesses.
Running Instagram theme pages as a side hustle.
Importance of choosing a niche, creating a content calendar, and learning from successful pages.
Potential to earn additional money through promoting affiliate products or digital courses.
Low effort side hustle due to simplicity of creating an Instagram page, but requires consistent posting.
Exploring other traffic sources, promoting high payout partner products through affiliate marketing highlighted as lucrative opportunities.
Strategies for Building Online Income
Affiliate marketing with high-ticket products can generate monthly income up to $110,000.
Leveraging platforms like YouTube for passive income through video uploads can lead to long-term revenue.
Freelancing is a good starting point for online income, but freelancers trade time for money and do not own the businesses they work for.
Social media marketing agencies offer consistent income through monthly retainers and the opportunity to build a scalable business.
Running faceless YouTube channels can be a lucrative online business.
Channels like Brainy Dose earn money through ad revenue once they reach specific watch time and subscriber thresholds.
Creating videos in successful niches and using various content creation methods, such as stock footage and AI generators, can lead to consistent income.
Faceless channels offer the advantage of not needing a charismatic personality or on-camera presence.
While it may take time to establish, there is potential for long-term, passive income in evergreen niches.
Side hustles discussed in the segment include online surveys, no-code website design, and transcribing audio and video content.
Online surveys, like Google Opinion Rewards, provide a way to earn money, though the earnings are usually minimal.
No-code tools such as Webflow enable individuals to create sophisticated websites without coding knowledge, creating possibilities for freelancing or selling products.
Transcribing audio and video content is highlighted as another method to make money online, especially for those lacking experience or specialized skills.
Overview of Drop Shipping as a side hustle for sellers.
Sellers create listings on platforms like eBay or Amazon and fulfill orders through suppliers without holding inventory.
Many showcase gross revenue without factoring in expenses, leading to potentially lower profits.
Drop Shipping may not offer as high profit margins as other online business options.
Emphasis on providing value to customers for determining the success of a business venture.
Secret for going viral and monetizing content.
Matt Par shares his number one secret for going viral.
He discusses how to monetize content to the next level.
Viewers are encouraged to check out the information next to him.
Matt Par mentions his name for reference.