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Ted Cruz GRILLS Blinken over Israel War, Hamas funding, Iran President dead | LiveNOW from FOX

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Senator criticizes Biden administration for foreign policy failures, accusing them of appeasing enemies and undermining allies. Discussion on US-Israel relations, weapon supply, and sanctions. Speaker questions Iran's oil sales increase and funding of terrorist activities. Emphasis on confronting Iran and forming stronger partnerships for global security.

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Senator criticizes Secretary of State for foreign policy failures under Biden administration.
Senator points to simultaneous wars in Europe and Middle East as consequences of weakness.
Administration accused of appeasing enemies and undermining allies.
Discussion on mourning death of Iranian leader and UN's response.
Biden administration assisting Israel to prevent full-scale invasion of Gaza by providing intelligence on Hamas leaders and hidden tunnels.
US administration support for Israel clarified.
The Washington Post's claims about sharing intelligence with Israel debunked.
US has intelligence on Hamas officials but has not shared with Israel.
Speaker emphasizes commitment to providing assistance and correcting misunderstandings.
Clarification made that information would be shared with Israel if available.
Discussion on US-Israel relations, with emphasis on Biden Administration's approach, supply of weapons to Israel, and sanctions on petrochemicals.
Past agreements for aid to Israel and questioning of Secretary of State regarding Iran's oil sales were mentioned.
Tension around US involvement and support for Israel's defense strategies was highlighted.
Criticism of Iran's oil sales increase despite sanctions.
Iran's oil sales have significantly increased from 300,000 to 2 million barrels a day, raising suspicions of evasion of sanctions.
Previous administrations are criticized for being less effective in dealing with Iran.
The current administration is accused of funding Iran and terrorist activities, sparking strong disagreement.
Emphasis on the ongoing efforts to confront Iran and the need to address the facts regarding their actions.
Discussion on the impact of cutting off oil barrels a day, funding enemies, and undermining friends.
Emphasis on the danger posed to Americans and the importance of forming stronger partnerships with other countries.
America's leading role in efforts to address global challenges, with initiatives like the Abraham Accord highlighted.