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making art in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE ✿ Artist Residency vlog

little tiny egg2023-07-13
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The video showcases an artist's new remote art studio, their experience at an artist residency in Montana, and reflections on creativity, inspiration, and personal growth during these experiences. The artist plans to paint trumpeter swans, discusses the benefits of a smaller studio space, and shares encounters with wildlife. Despite feelings of loneliness and self-doubt, the artist finds inspiration in nature and smaller pieces of art. Engaging in activities with a diverse group, including a Fourth of July parade, pushes the artist out of their comfort zone and leaves them feeling refreshed and motivated to create.

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Artist showcases new art studio in remote location.
Studio features different spaces like the Art Center and cabin.
Artist plans to paint trumpeter swans native to the area.
Preference for smaller studio space due to better lighting and vibe.
Artist discusses plans to stay in shape for upcoming bike ride and encounters with wildlife in surrounding woods.
Artist Kristen's experience at an artist residency in Montana at the Taft Nicholson Center for Environmental Humanities.
The remote and pristine environment of Centennial Valley is known for its strict regulations on development and wildlife preservation.
Kristen worked on a new body of larger paintings on canvas during her residency, providing her with uninterrupted time for reflection and creativity.
Despite not being paid for her stay, Kristen found the experience valuable and plans to repay the center with a piece of art.
The artist experiences loneliness and self-doubt during the residency, missing friends and familiarity.
They struggle to define their artistic goals and seek clarity.
Exploring outside the studio leads to renewed inspiration and creativity.
Finding comfort in working on smaller pieces and connecting with the natural beauty of the landscape.
Giving a talk to undergraduates about their artistic journey is part of their responsibilities as the artist in residence.
Speaker's refreshing and inspiring outdoor experience.
Engaged in a rock painting activity with a diverse group of ecology enthusiasts, including art and science students.
Participated in a Fourth of July parade as Lady Liberty, reflecting on their Montana experience and expressing gratitude.
Feeling pushed out of comfort zone, left refreshed and inspired to create new art.
Encouraged viewers to follow their artistic journey on social media.