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Woman Spent 3Days in Heaven; REVEALS Humanity's FUTURE! Will Leave U SPEECHLESS! (NDE)

Life After Life NDE#Woman Spent 3Days in Heaven; REVEALS Humanity's FUTURE! Will Leave U SPEECHLESS!
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Julie Paul shares her traumatic experience of abuse, encountering Jesus as a child, and finding strength. She discusses spiritual experiences, healing abilities, and disassociation as a defense mechanism. After a suicide attempt, spiritual guides heal her in the Angelic Realms. She makes a deal to return to life at 67 and discusses the forecasted Golden Age. The world is shifting towards truth, light, and love, leading to a Day of Reckoning and new systems. Advanced beings, ETS aliens, are helping humanity, and interactions will increase. Asking for help from guardian angels and guides is emphasized for soul growth and love.

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Julie Paul shares her traumatic experience of being groomed and abused as a child.
During the incident, she felt a sense of peace and calm as she left her body and encountered a kind, shimmery man who identified himself as Jesus.
Jesus comforted her and assured her of his constant presence and support.
After the experience, Julie never saw the man again and moved forward with a newfound sense of strength and resilience.
Speaker discusses spiritual experiences and healing abilities.
Speaker recounts using healing energy to help friends with pain and ailments.
Insights on disassociation as a response to trauma are shared, highlighting the soul's ability to step away from the body temporarily.
Despite facing hardships, the speaker expresses a lack of fear of death and a strong connection to spiritual realms, finding peace and love beyond earthly experiences.
Speaker emphasizes journey of building spiritual resilience from a young age.
Speaker encounters indigenous guide Running River and learns about Shamanism, grounding, and connecting with Mother Earth for healing.
Speaker attempts suicide due to PTSD from abusive relationship but is saved by spiritual guides and angels in Angelic Realms.
Despite resistance, speaker is reminded of agreement to continue difficult life journey and work on purpose.
Discussion on the Golden Age from 2012 to 2032 and the speaker's experience in the afterlife at age 67.
The Golden Age is marked by love, compassion, and truth, and signifies a shift towards equality and the end of corruption and repression.
People are increasingly standing up against racism and homophobia, with a growing awareness and emphasis on love, truth, and light.
The internet has played a significant role in spreading information and contributing to the awakening of individuals towards positive change.
Shift towards truth, light, and love leading up to 2024 and 2025.
Corrupt individuals being exposed and replaced by those with pure intentions.
Period of transition referred to as the Day of Reckoning.
Embrace positivity and awaken to bring about changes.
Prediction of continued upheaval until 2030-2032, settling into a new way of life.
The speaker discusses the presence of advanced beings, ETS aliens, who have been visiting and helping humanity for years.
The speaker assures that these beings are not harmful and are here to protect us, especially in situations involving nuclear threats.
New rules are being implemented to make systems more fair and transparent.
The speaker predicts an increase in sightings and interactions with these beings over the next few years.
The speaker predicts a better world by 2040-2050 as a result of these interactions.
Seeking help from guardian angels and guides is crucial for receiving assistance due to the limitation of intervention without permission.
Guardian angels offer unconditional love, while guides serve as teachers to steer individuals in the right direction and provide cues and signs when necessary.
Souls outline plans and contracts before each life to address karma, rectify harm, and grasp vital lessons such as forgiveness for spiritual advancement.
The selection of parents and circumstances in life is done with the guidance of main guides to ensure optimal soul development.
The speaker discusses the impact of lacking family support on their independence and self-pity.
They emphasize the importance of experiencing life without constant support to find love, success, and personal growth.
Guides are mentioned as a way to keep individuals on track while still allowing free will.
An example is provided where a decision to change plans is discouraged to stay aligned with the guide's intended path.
The speaker highlights the role of guides in guiding personal growth and learning.