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Have We Quit Let's ask Shogo?

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The YouTuber discusses plans for their channel, Samurai training activities, family struggles, and the decision to prioritize well-being. They express gratitude for viewer support, outline goals for the channel, and promise to return to content creation in the future. The couple acknowledges challenges balancing work and family responsibilities, emphasizing the importance of self-care and parental influence on children. They aim for 2 million subscribers and plan to create educational content on Japanese culture while collaborating with traditional instructors. Despite health issues and childcare burdens, they remain dedicated to their channel and audience.

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Recent lack of videos and future plans discussed.
New channel L6 for Samurai training activities and goal of reaching 100,000 subscribers mentioned.
Online lessons and Shjo staff techniques restarted.
Success of Yushin Kon's Samurai training activity in Kyoto highlighted.
Wife's involvement in channel, creating websites for vocal group Wyan, and positive reviews on Airbnb activities shared.
Struggles of a couple balancing work and parenting three children.
The couple faces challenges with their son's sleep issues and daughter's terrible twos.
They underestimated the busyness of parenting without outside help.
The wife feels overwhelmed by the children's attention demands, disrupting their routine.
Despite following advice, the children's behavior remains challenging.
Decision to prioritize family and well-being over making videos.
Plan to resume making videos in April 2024 due to reduced childcare burden.
Acknowledgment of fears about being forgotten by viewers.
Hopeful attitude towards returning to content creation.
Emphasis on the significance of self-care and family time.
Importance of parental influence on children's souls.
Parents play a critical role in shaping their children's character.
Desire to support other parents balancing family and career.
Goals for YouTube channel include reaching 2 million subscribers by April 2024 and focusing on educational content about Japanese culture.
Plan to collaborate with traditional Japanese instructors and personal aspirations related to learning traditional arts and improving content creation.
Creators express gratitude and commitment to viewers.
Health issues have impacted content creation.
Emphasis on balancing work and family responsibilities.
Goal to reach 2 million subscribers.
Plans to return with new content in April.