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Email Identity Service

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Major email providers like Google, Yahoo, and Apple are implementing email authentication requirements in February 2024 to prevent phishing. This will impact communication with parents, students, and staff using bulk email services. Configuring DeMark SPF and DKIM is crucial to avoid being cut off by providers and ensure email delivery. Seeking help from services like Charter School Technology can assist in setting up these configurations correctly. It is essential to adapt to these changes promptly to comply with authentication protocols and prevent email delivery issues.

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Email providers implementing authentication requirements in February 2024.
Bulk email senders must have authentication to prevent phishing attempts.
Impact on communication with parents, students, and staff who rely on bulk email relay services.
Emails without proper authentication may be blocked or marked as spam.
Challenge lies in adjusting to new requirements and ensuring compliance with authentication protocols.
Importance of configuring DeMark SPF and dkim for emails.
Many email providers are tightening restrictions on email delivery.
Setting up these configurations promptly is crucial to ensure emails are received.
Seek professional help, such as Charter School Technology's email identity service, for correct configuration.
Viewers are encouraged to take action and seek assistance if needed.