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Guides Reveal Mind Blowing Truths About The Universe. Kelly Bowker: ATP-Media with KAren Swain

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Kelly, a retired nurse and teacher, underwent a spiritual and psychic transformation in her 50s through alternative healing methods. She emphasizes age not limiting one's ability to change and pursue new paths. The speaker discusses transitioning from Baptist beliefs to exploring metaphysical concepts like being an empath. They share experiences with automatic writing, connecting with guides through meditation, and the importance of trusting spiritual experiences. The journey includes channeling messages from spirit guides and angels, emphasizing the power of connecting with the spiritual realm. The speaker also delves into experiences with angels, extraterrestrial beings, and the energetic structure of the Matrix, highlighting the importance of listening to intuition and manifesting positive outcomes. The segment concludes with discussions on abundance, manifesting realities, and the power of love and gratitude in personal growth and fulfillment.

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Kelly's transformation in her 50s through alternative healing methods like the Wim Hof breathing technique.
Her spiritual and psychic development, channeling guides, and writing books on faith and frequency establishment.
Emphasizes the importance of age not limiting one's ability to change and pursue new paths.
Highlights the power of personal growth and embracing spiritual awakening.
Demonstrates that it's never too late to embark on a fulfilling new chapter in life.
Speaker's spiritual journey from Baptist Christian to exploring metaphysical concepts.
Experiences with automatic writing and connecting with guides through meditation.
Importance of trusting in spiritual experiences and guidance received.
Stories shared from nurses who have developed their spiritual gifts.
Significance of building connections with the universe and embracing spiritual growth.
Speaker's transition into channeling and learning to trust the process.
Initially feeling alone and uncertain, the speaker received guidance from her guides.
Successfully channeled evidence for a friend, despite struggling with doubts.
Emphasizes the importance of faith in her journey and the powerful impact of connecting with the spiritual realm.
Learned to communicate with spirits effectively through channeling.
The speaker discusses her experiences transitioning from a Pentecostal church background to becoming a medium, supported by her husband of 43 years.
She recounts hearing strange voices and feeling scared, only to be comforted by her spirit guides who confirm that her actions are for the highest good and to help others.
The speaker reveals a recent realization that alien beings are part of her guides, prompting her decision to share this information with her husband in a gentle and timely manner.
Embracing Higher Consciousness Journey
The speaker talks about being gently guided towards understanding and embracing her connections to higher consciousness.
Initially, she experienced fear and resistance towards these experiences but eventually learned to accept and explore them.
The speaker reflects on the idea of balancing being normal and average with having extraordinary experiences.
She emphasizes the importance of being open to new experiences and changes in perception.
The speaker's journey into channeling messages from spirit guides and angels.
The process of channeling titles, teachings, and messages from guides and angels.
The challenges faced in starting the second book based on channeled material.
The speaker's initial doubts and fears about channeling specific angelic messages.
The growth experienced in merging energy with divine wisdom.
Discussion on releasing unworthiness and connecting with angels through chakras.
Importance of chakra system in managing emotions and spiritual connections.
Experience of channeling energy through intentional breathing and connecting with angels.
Role of evidential mediums in proving life after death versus channeling higher wisdom.
Experiences with Angels and Extraterrestrial Beings
The speaker shares visions of mantis people and energies, feeling sensitized to unusual encounters.
Recounts waking up to strange experiences, including seeing a square of energy with a face outline and interacting with pixelated energy.
These encounters lead to a deeper understanding and insights into interconnected energies and the unknown.
Seeks validation from partner, Michael, regarding these experiences.
Speaker describes experiencing a strange voice and energy during meditation session.
Energetic structure of the Matrix is discussed, drawing parallels to a TV show.
Creating reality through thought forms is explored, with potential for humans to access abilities like healing and manipulating matter.
Speaker reflects on past lives as a healer and psychic, considering concept of identity and personal growth.
Importance of kindness and sharing insights in writing for others' benefit is emphasized.
Importance of listening to gut instincts and intuition for protection.
Personal experience shared of ignoring intuition leading to negative consequences.
Emphasis on being aware of empathic nature as both a strength and a weakness.
Highlight of supportive 'team' of guides who understand individuals and gently guide them.
The speaker's journey from Baptist beliefs to the law of attraction and the importance of prayer and positive outcomes for others.
Insights on manifesting realities and the power of thoughts in shaping different timelines.
Highlighting the concept of multiple realities and the influence of decisions on manifestation, with a focus on choosing the desired reality.
Reflections on personal experiences and beliefs that led to a deeper understanding of creating one's reality and embracing a mindset of abundance and positivity.
The importance of being present in the moment and connecting with one's heart chakra.
Emphasizing the power of intention, gratitude, and love in creating positive energy and manifesting miracles.
Encouraging individuals to trust in their innate abilities and align with the higher good.
Acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings and the divine source, highlighting the transformative potential of embracing love and gratitude.
Conveying a sense of empowerment and spiritual guidance for personal growth and fulfillment.
Importance of caring for the chakra system during Earth's energy shifts.
Using the chakra system to maintain clarity, strength, and alignment.
The chakra system as an antenna for guidance towards one's highest good.
Near-death experiences as wake-up calls for shifting consciousness.
Seeking guidance through inner knowing rather than physical proof.
The speaker reflects on their history of drinking and its impact on their spiritual work.
They mention receiving guidance that drinking does not affect their ability to channel energy.
The conversation explores beliefs about smoking and health, emphasizing the influence of personal beliefs on outcomes.
The speaker contemplates making health decisions while continuing to drink daily.
They express gratitude for the conversation and look forward to future discussions as their experiences evolve.
Importance of mastering our energy to become deliberate creators of reality.
Aligning with love and joy helps connect with our true nature and higher self.
Negative feelings indicate a disconnection from source, while positive feelings enhance our connection.
Discussion on the power of energy flow, chakra systems, and navigating our energy consciously.
Emphasis on the need to understand ourselves as energetic beings to manifest desired outcomes.
Discussion on abundance and changing beliefs about money.
Personal story shared about an acquaintance with a carefree attitude towards financial losses.
Importance of mindset in shaping one's reality emphasized.
Encouragement to seek sessions or courses from the speaker.
Recommendation of a book titled 'Awakened by Death' and a message of gratitude and love to the audience.