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The New Way To Grow On Instagram In 2024: Algorithm Changes & Principles

Josh Ryan2024-02-08
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Creating binge-worthy content with consistent themes and series on Instagram can lead to significant follower growth. Using the same hashtags, incorporating three different hooks in videos, engaging with other creators daily, optimizing your profile, and encouraging social interaction are key strategies for success. Building an email list for long-term success and offering freebies to drive engagement are also crucial. By focusing on these tactics, content creators can effectively grow their brand on Instagram by 2024.

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Importance of creating binge-worthy content with consistent themes and series on Instagram for follower growth.
Rapid follower growth examples from accounts utilizing series and consistent content.
Instagram recommends older videos when one video gains popularity, increasing visibility and follower growth.
Maintaining a consistent style and brand identity is crucial for continued success.
Focus on creating engaging content to potentially experience exponential growth in followers.
Tips for increasing visibility and engagement on social media.
Consistently using the same hashtags saves time and allows for focus on quality content.
Incorporating three different hooks in videos - strong verbal, visual, and editing hooks - can capture viewer interest and improve engagement.
Hooks should be relevant to the content and provide instant credibility.
Focusing on creating compelling hooks and using optimized hashtags can lead to increased success on social media platforms.
Importance of engaging on social media for audience growth.
Spend 10 minutes daily interacting with other creators, using hashtags, and commenting to engage followers.
Optimize profile as a landing page to effectively convert visitors into followers.
Key tips include having a clean profile picture, relevant username and bio, and attracting target audience.
Goal is to increase follower conversion rates and reach a wider audience through strategic profile optimization.
Strategies to Boost Your Brand on Instagram.
Encourage social interaction through engaging content, comments, and debate on your page.
Build an email list for long-term success and direct audience contact.
Offer freebies and use mini chat to drive email list sign-ups for increased engagement.
Follow these steps to effectively grow your brand on Instagram in 2024.