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What's The Deal With Land Devices?

JHS Pedals2020-11-06
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The video explores the mysterious pedal company Land Devices, known for their unique and rare guitar pedals like the HP1, EP5, and Domino. They also discuss the Land Farm No Masters Fuzz and introduce a new device called The Mixer. The company's secrecy and intriguing designs have led to conspiracy theories, adding to their allure. The speaker highlights the quality and aesthetics of the pedals, referencing Nirvana's 'In Utero' album produced by Steve Albini. Viewers are encouraged to explore the pedals and support the channel through likes, subscriptions, and merchandise purchases.

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Land Devices: A mysterious pedal company gaining popularity for unique design.
Limited public information about the company, but pedals are well-received for aesthetics.
Founder's personal anecdote led to collaborations with industry figures.
Land Devices HP2 pedal praised for beautiful design and functionality.
Unique guitar pedals released by Land.
The HP1 pedal is a rare harmonic percolator used by producer Steve Albini.
The EP5 pedal emulates the pre-amp of an Echoplex and has been discontinued.
Rumors suggest the EP5 circuit contains unobtainium parts or space technology.
Land re-released the EP5 without a footswitch, encouraging users to keep it always on.
Overview of Land Farm No Masters Fuzz and The Mixer from Land Devices.
The vintage fuzz pedal, Land Farm No Masters Fuzz, is based on the rare Selmer Buzz Tone from the 1960s.
The narrator discusses the origin and rarity of the Land Farm No Masters Fuzz, emphasizing that owning it is not necessary.
The segment introduces The Mixer from Land Devices, a portable mixer with versatile features for mixing microphones, guitars, and other instruments.
The narrator highlights the versatility and functionality of The Mixer, encouraging viewers to explore its capabilities.
Speculation surrounding the Land Devices Domino pedal design and organization.
The pedal has eight dots, leading to conspiracy theories about a secretive organization behind it being secretive builders.
Rumors suggest it is an organization of eight people, with only four spots currently filled.
Speculations about filling the other four spots in the future, with discussions heard on dark web forums and even in a local laundromat.
The mystery surrounding Land Devices adds intrigue to the pedal's design and origins.
Discussion of Nirvana's 'In Utero' album and its unique sound.
The album is praised for blending grunge pop with 60s chord progressions.
Producer Steve Albini is highlighted for his role in the album's evolution of sound.
Viewers are encouraged to listen to the album and share their thoughts in the comments.
The speaker expresses gratitude to viewers and teases more content related to the 'land' device.
Encouraging personal sacrifice and choices in life, the speaker requests support through likes, subscriptions, and merchandise purchases.
Viewers are informed about the availability of exclusive content on Patreon and support for a history archiving project.
The video ends with a promotion of guitar devices and pedals, encouraging viewers to enjoy playing the guitar.