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What's the Deal With Deadbeat?

JHS Pedals2019-11-07
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Deadbeat Sound, founded in 2017, offers affordable, high-quality guitar pedals like the Station Series with modulation effects. Specific pedals like Echo Latian and Reverberation Station provide unique delay and reverb settings. The founder, Doug, aims to make music more accessible with visually appealing and competitively priced pedals. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe for more content, become a patron for exclusive videos, and visit the website for merchandise. The video showcases various pedals like the Thank You, Playback, Wet Dreams Chorus, and Visible Overdrive, highlighting their features and sound quality.

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Deadbeat Sound creates affordable, well-made, and great-sounding pedals for guitar players.
The Station Series includes modulation effects like chorus, tremolo, and vibrato, with mono pedals priced at $100.
The Echo Latian Station offers delay settings such as analog, mod, and dynamic for powerful echoes.
The Reverberation Station provides plate, mod, hall, room, reverse, and spring reverbs for unique effects.
Overview of Guitar Pedals
The Void Reverb and Delay Lelay pedals are highlighted for their unique features.
The Thank You pedal, a 70s Big Muff replica, is praised for its sturdy build and great sound quality.
The Playback pedal is mentioned for its simplicity, affordability, and recording time of ten minutes.
The Wet Dreams Chorus pedal is noted as a best-seller with positive reviews, while the Visible Overdrive is introduced as a tube screamer style pedal for unique sounds.
Doug's goal is to provide affordable and high-quality guitar pedals to musicians.
He is passionate about music and wants to offer valuable gear to the market.
The pedals are visually appealing, well-made, and produce great sound at a reasonable price.
Doug aims to make music more accessible to individuals who may not have had the opportunity to explore guitar pedals.
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Topics covered include the history of the Jason Lam series and Jimi Hendrix's guitar gear.
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The segment ends with a farewell message and music.