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Hudson Electronics Explained!

JHS Pedals2020-06-12
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Michael Hudson, founder of Hudson Electronics, creates unique and aesthetically pleasing pedals like the Broadcast and Sidecar Germanium Overdrive. The video discusses a dual channel pedal with low and high gain settings, trim pots for fine-tuning, and a record recommendation from Bush. Viewers are encouraged to suggest hidden gems in British music and support the creative community. The video promotes subscriptions, likes, and Patreon support, offering extra content and discounts for patrons. Overall, it showcases the innovative work of Hudson Electronics and highlights the importance of supporting artists and musicians.

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Hudson Electronics: A Brief History
Michael Hudson began building unique pedal circuits in North England 15 years ago, leading to the creation of Hudson Electronics.
The Broadcast pedal, known for its aesthetic appeal, gained popularity for its similarities to the Color Box.
The Sidecar Germanium Overdrive combines a tube screamer circuit with British console EQ, resulting in a distinct and harmonically rich sound.
Unique features like germanium clipping and diode clipping in the pedal create an artifact-like clipping sound, setting it apart in the market.
Features of a dual channel pedal for switching between low and high gain settings.
Includes trim pots for fine-tuning and separate foot switches for each channel.
Ability to run on different voltages for versatility.
Record recommendation for the week is the band Bush, known for their album '16 Stone' and hits like 'Machine Head' and 'Little Things.'
The band's evolution towards a more ambient and experimental sound in later albums is highlighted.
Promoting British songs and albums from lesser-known bands, encouraging viewer suggestions.
Supporting a creative figure in the petal community.
Encouraging subscriptions, likes, and notifications for future episodes.
Promoting merchandise and Patreon support for the show.
Highlighting extra monthly videos and discounts for patrons, ending with well wishes for the audience.