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How to Build Muscle WITHOUT Bulking (NEW RESEARCH!)

Jeremy Ethier2024-03-31
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Bulking may not be the best approach for building muscle for everyone, as studies show muscle growth without a deficit and muscle loss in a deficit. Beginners can gain muscle mass on a calorie surplus, with sensitivity to growth decreasing over time. To build muscle while minimizing fat gain, aim for a small daily calorie surplus and adjust as needed. Advanced lifters should focus on a smaller surplus and prioritize protein and whole foods. Effective training is essential for muscle growth, with personalized workout recommendations available. Prioritize nutrition for optimal results.

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The drawbacks of bulking for muscle building.
Studies show muscle loss in a calorie deficit but muscle growth without a deficit.
The size of the deficit impacts muscle gain, with a smaller deficit allowing for muscle growth.
Building muscle while losing fat is possible, especially for those with higher body fat percentages.
Individual goals and comfort levels should be considered when deciding on a bulking approach.
Study findings on muscle growth in relation to caloric surplus and training experience.
Beginners show high sensitivity to muscle growth, with predominantly muscle mass gained on a calorie surplus.
Advanced lifters may benefit from steroids for rapid muscle growth, but it can have detrimental effects if not advanced.
Eating to maintain weight can result in similar growth as bulking for trained individuals, with less fat gain.
Bodybuilder Sam Solic consumes 5,000-6,000 calories during bulking, gaining close to a pound a week.
Tips for Building Muscle and Minimizing Fat Gain.
Beginners should aim to gain around 2% of their body weight per month by consuming a daily calorie surplus of 400 to 500 calories.
Slow down the bulking process if excess fat is noticed.
After a year of consistent training, scale back to a slower bulk with a 1% body weight gain per month.
Advanced lifters near their genetic limit should use a small surplus of 200 to 300 calories, focusing on protein and whole foods.
Tips for building muscle include adjusting your diet, maintaining a small calorie deficit for fat loss, and focusing on muscle growth through proper training.
Different approaches are recommended based on individual goals, with options for losing fat or maximizing muscle growth.
Emphasizes the importance of effective training to see results and suggests taking a quiz for personalized workout recommendations.
Offers a video for muscle-building meal ideas and encourages viewers to prioritize nutrition for muscle growth.