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Jeff's journey from a corporate career to healer, tapping into psychic abilities. The interconnectedness of beings and Angels' role in healing. Humanity as part of a whole being, with the choice to incarnate. Angels' protective role and amplification of prayers. Predictions of a shift in consciousness towards world peace and contact with extraterrestrial beings. Economic collapse and the necessity of a reset. Importance of aligning with new energies and local production. Predictions of technological reset and Earth events. Preparation for a significant Earth event in 2026. Healing, spiritual growth, and balancing energies for a new Earth experience. The Earth Rift event and shift in energy and consciousness. Transition to a new Earth or karmic cycle. The importance of positive outcomes, personal growth, and openness to change. Predictions of potential war and the importance of healing and balance. Reference to upcoming healing program and retreat. Encouragement for viewer support and membership.

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Jeff discovers psychic abilities after divorce.
Jeff can access others' energy and perceive detailed information about their bodies.
Initially questioning his sanity, Jeff confirms his abilities through real-time interactions with people.
Jeff leaves corporate career to become a healer, considering it the best decision of his life.
Jeff's experiences highlight the power of intuition and the transformative journey of embracing unique gifts.
The speaker talks about their ability to energetically connect with others and feel their sensations and emotions.
They mention being guided by angels in their healing work and realizing the interconnectedness of all beings.
Despite concerns about privacy, the speaker uses their gift to help their children with social interactions.
The speaker highlights the significance of belief and experimentation in exploring consciousness and forming deeper connections with others.
Discussion on the Mother of Creation as an energy flooding through everything, creating souls and parts of the world.
Conversations with the Mother of Creation lead to a deeper understanding of humanity's role in the universe.
Humanity is viewed as one being with individuals as aspects of that whole.
Metaphorically, humanity is likened to tempered glass shattering into a million pieces, each representing a different aspect of the whole.
The choice to incarnate on Earth is compared to throwing oneself off a cliff and experiencing multiple lives simultaneously.
Discussion on Original Soul and exploring consciousness for healing and raising vibrations.
Emphasis on transcending the illusion of separation through inner work.
Noted that having a high vibration does not guarantee access to spiritual gifts.
Individuals can channel dark energies if not aligned with truth.
Angels are seen as fluid energies similar to human consciousness, with specific identities like Archangel Michael for guidance.
Guardian Angels are incarnated angels born with individuals to protect their Divine spark.
They operate at a higher frequency and are physically connected to the person.
Angels can create but not constantly, while humans have the ability to create their reality entirely.
Humans share a co-created construction of reality with the Divine, making them more like Source.
Angels amplify and bring Divine awareness to prayers and words, aiding in manifestation.
Angels co-create with humans to guide them towards their highest good and recently shared messages about humanity's genetic structure being a seed garden for the universe.
Various races have contributed to human evolution, making humans unique in their ability to belong everywhere in the universe.
Extraterrestrial beings will eventually reveal themselves to humanity, with the goal of humans becoming Galactic Citizens through achieving world peace driven by a fundamental shift in consciousness.
This shift will be marked by a significant flash of light that changes everything.
The impact of a significant event involving a flash of light on global consciousness.
The event opens up a telepathic connection and enhances empathy among individuals.
Emphasizes the importance of being open to change and embracing the unfamiliar for transitioning into a new era.
Mentions upcoming Earth events that will dismantle existing societal structures, leading to a transformation in global consciousness.
Warns of heightened energies and impending flash of light, highlighting the need to adapt to evolving circumstances.
The segment explores a shift in consciousness towards world peace and potential contact with extraterrestrial beings.
Speculation is raised about a solar event, possibly linked to the Beetlejuice star, that could have a major impact on Earth.
Information channeled from angels provides insights into Earth changes and major upcoming events, with a 30% accuracy rate in predictions.
Specific events such as flooding and earthquakes are detailed in the discussion.
The evolution of messages from angels is likened to breadcrumbs leading to a deeper comprehension of unfolding events.
The necessity of a major economic crash for rebuilding and preventing quick re-establishment of power structures.
Past bank failures are mentioned as examples of the need for complete destruction to prevent quick recovery.
Comparison is drawn to war zones and past economic crashes where self-preservation led to delayed recovery for the rest of the world.
The speaker emphasizes the need for a significant reset to avoid repeating historical mistakes and allow for true rebuilding.
Discussion on freedom, evolution, and restructuring for opportunities.
Predictions of economic and political collapse in the United States leading to peaceful separation into smaller state groups.
Global reset emphasizing alignment with new energies for survival.
Mention of future global currency for affordability and accessibility.
Anticipated significant changes in travel, particularly after the arrival of aliens in the far future.
Discussion on off-planet beings, potential changes in travel and economy.
Emphasis on local production and community building to address disruptions in global shipping industry.
Highlight on impact of blocking access to payment systems, like Swift, on political power and erosion of US dollar.
Prediction of technological reset involving temporary shutdown of technology.
Emphasis on focusing on local needs and interconnectedness with others globally.
Predictions for a significant Earth event in 2026 and the importance of preparation.
Emphasis on connecting telepathically and remembering inherent connections during a period of darkness.
Suggestions for preparing for a shift include focusing on energy, having clean water, and stocking up on food.
Despite challenges, not all negative events will occur everywhere, and individuals will find ways to be okay.
Opportunity for Healing and Spiritual Growth
Earth serves as a karmic school for individuals to balance masculine and feminine energies.
Clearing karma helps elevate soul's frequency and connect with higher self.
Goal is to reach balanced energy and become a beacon for others.
Transition to a new Earth experience living in the present moment without karma, manifesting as a 'dharmic experience'.
Importance of being present and conscious of feelings for positivity and joyful co-creation.
Channeling Angels and conducting a workshop on understanding different soul types as manifestors.
Understanding one's role in the collective can lead to increased individual and collective power.
Coming together as a collective to help one another is crucial.
Mention of a peace bathing experience in Sedona for healing.
The Earth Rift is a phenomenon of the Earth raising its vibration, similar to our own healing process.
The shift is not an extinction event but a necessary change that may occur in the Indian Ocean with global impacts.
Raising our vibrations through love and gratitude is advised to navigate the shift successfully.
Fear hinders progress, and trusting the process is essential for a positive outcome.
While some may not survive, the Earth Rift is seen as a transformative experience.
Prediction of Earth Rift event in 2026.
Shift in energy and consciousness expected during event.
Choice for people to reincarnate on new Earth or continue karmic cycle on different planet.
Higher frequencies and new reality brought by event.
Assurance from angels that every soul will be valued and transitioned positively, with no one left behind.
Transition to a new Earth and Galactic citizenship is emphasized, focusing on positive outcomes and personal growth.
Speaker encourages sustainability and openness to change as key factors in this transition.
Predictions of a potential global economic collapse by late 2026 are made.
Astrology is referenced as a tool for predicting future events, with a potential collapse timeline between March and May of 2025.
Discussion on potential increase in war if US loses influence as gatekeeper, allowing China to take over Taiwan.
Japan may rally against China and invest in war if this scenario unfolds.
Emphasis on the importance of purging anger and hatred to bring balance and healing.
Speaker shares details about their healing program, Soul Convergence, and upcoming retreat focusing on balancing masculine and feminine energies.
Angels reassure that success in the shift is already achieved, ending on a positive note.
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