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She WAS With ARCHANGELS In Space During Her Near Death Experience

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The video features individuals sharing their near-death experiences, encounters with angels, and journeys towards self-love and acceptance. They reflect on spiritual connections, the significance of life's challenges, and the importance of embracing gratitude and love. Themes of healing, resilience, and finding purpose through helping others are emphasized. The speakers highlight the presence of archangels Michael and Raphael, encourage self-awareness, and stress the power of human connection and divinity. The overall message urges listeners to cherish life, appreciate loved ones, and embrace their purpose with gratitude and positivity.

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Giana's near-death experience in a car accident on the freeway in 2016.
Giana woke up in her car, felt like she was going to die, and then experienced being pulled out of her body and hearing a voice telling her she will survive.
She was eventually rescued and taken to the hospital.
The experience left Giana with a newfound appreciation for life and a deeper spiritual connection.
Encounter with Angels in a Star-filled Cosmos.
The speaker recalls being in a serene place similar to Venice, where they felt safe and healthy.
They were then drawn towards a vast cosmos filled with stars, where their body transformed into light.
Five beings of light, identified as Angels, approached the speaker, with one recognized as Archangel Michael.
Another Angel introduced himself as Archangel Raphael, whom the speaker was less familiar with.
Encounter with Archangel Michael and Raphael.
The angels appeared as massive beings made of light in heavy armor, communicating through feelings rather than words.
The speaker felt a sense of peace while walking through canals in Venice with the angels.
The angels did not introduce themselves with names but explained they were lifelong guides to the speaker.
The speaker was presented with a significant choice of returning to their body on Earth or staying with the angels.
Near-death experience involving numbers, sequences, and intense violin music during decision-making.
Given choice to reset and start new lifetime or continue current path, with emphasis on self-love and acknowledging journey.
Beings guiding individual highlight importance of life on Earth and impact in helping and supporting others.
Individual reflects on lack of self-love and realization of gifts, emphasizing choice to honor oneself through love and acceptance.
Near-death experience leads to self-love and compassion.
Importance of filling life with joy and love is highlighted.
Embracing qualities of joy and love to help others facing trauma.
Feeling the presence of Archangel Michael and Raphael guiding them.
Sharing the experience has helped connect with others' experiences.
Speaker's near-death experience in a car accident was believed to be planned before birth as part of her journey towards self-love and self-compassion.
She shares her lifelong connection with angels and how their presence validated her experiences and beliefs.
Despite not being religious, she solely believed in angels.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of trust and leaning into experiences for spiritual growth and understanding life's purpose.
Journey towards Self-Love and Acceptance.
Speaker reflects on overcoming body dysmorphia and learning to appreciate their body after an accident.
Practice of gratitude and commitment to love every part of themselves.
Acknowledging insecurities and actively choosing self-love.
Importance of breaking free from negative self-perceptions and embracing self-compassion.
Embracing Self-Love and Purpose
The speaker emphasizes the importance of loving and honoring oneself, as well as recognizing the value and purpose in others.
They share how this mindset shifted their perspective on humanity and led to a deeper appreciation of life's beauty.
Despite facing a traumatic event, the speaker found gratitude and love, viewing challenges in a positive light.
The experience also led to newfound abilities to connect with spirits and the spiritual realm, enhancing their spiritual journey.
Personal experience connecting with a spirit and exploring the idea of an 'in between realm'.
Communicating with spirits and providing guidance to those in need.
Speculation on reincarnation and a new life after death, focusing on past accomplishments and experiences.
Reflection on the significance of the number four in the speaker's current life.
The speaker highlights the significance of the number four in her life and its association with feelings of safety and protection from Archangel Michael.
She emphasizes the healing support provided by Archangel Raphael, especially during times of physical or emotional distress.
The speaker shares personal experiences of feeling the presence of these archangels during difficult moments, with Michael as a protector and Raphael aiding in the healing process.
She encourages others to call upon these archangels for assistance and underscores their roles in providing safety and healing.
Speaker's journey from hairdresser to helping people after a life-changing accident.
Emphasis on connecting with people on a deeper level, listening to their hearts, and being a source of healing and inspiration.
Encouragement to share secrets and vulnerabilities without fear of judgment.
Overcoming challenges like toxic relationships, body dysmorphia, and anxiety.
Highlighting the power of resilience, healing, and the ability to overcome trauma to find freedom and light in life.
The speaker discusses their near-death experience and how it led them to focus on helping others and spreading light.
Their book 'Soul of a Spirit Warrior' covers their journey of healing, survival, and resilience beyond the NDE.
The speaker highlights the importance of self-love and human connection, encouraging listeners to connect through their website.
They promote gratitude, love, and appreciation for life, urging people to cherish their loved ones and their purpose on Earth.
Emphasis on self-love and positivity.
Importance of surrounding oneself with supportive people who bring laughter and positivity.
Value of slowing down, expressing gratitude, and recognizing one's inner power.
Encouragement for self-awareness, appreciation of divinity, and understanding one's purpose on Earth.
Conclusion with gratitude towards listeners and an invitation for support through YouTube memberships for the podcast.