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She Re-Wrote Her PRE-BIRTH CONTRACT During Her Dark Night Of The Soul

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Sue Frederick shares her journey of being diagnosed with colon cancer, reflecting on her soul's journey and questioning if her illness is her soul's exit point. She discusses her lack of fear of death, experiences outside the body, and rewriting her pre-birth contract. Reflecting on health crises and surgery, she emphasizes surrender, trust, and the healing power of numerology. The importance of gratitude, love, and shifting frequency during challenging times is highlighted, along with the power of sending unconditional love to others. The speaker encourages connecting with our spiritual essence to navigate pain and suffering with ease and grace, emphasizing laughter as therapy.

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Sue Frederick shares her journey of being diagnosed with colon cancer and severe anemia after fainting in Target.
Despite being initially misdiagnosed, she eventually received a serious diagnosis.
With almost no hemoglobin, she underwent surgery with an extraordinary surgeon who helped her heal her PTSD from her first husband's death.
Sue reflects on her soul's journey and questions if her illness is her soul's exit point.
During the week leading up to surgery, she focused on self-reflection and communicating with her Spirit guides.
Speaker shares experiences with death and messages from guides.
Enlightened girlfriends provide support after losing children.
Speaker discusses rewriting pre-birth contract for a new purpose.
Explains Master Soul path number 224 and dedication to career.
Career as health writer and numerology reader reflects dedication to work.
Reflection on a Health Crisis and Transformative Process
The speaker discusses experiencing unexpected blood loss and low hemoglobin leading to a feeling of life force draining.
She views this as a transformative process, similar to a metaphysical rebirth, referencing religious and metaphysical traditions on the importance of blood.
The experience prompts a deeper exploration of beliefs on life force and rebirth, connecting to personal upbringing and spiritual teachings.
Transformation after colon surgery.
Clear test results post-surgery led to a shift from workaholic to balanced approach.
Speaker reflects on Angelic realm origins and struggles with creating abundance through hard work.
Aim to shift mindset towards worthiness and offering without excessive effort.
Importance of taking concrete actions towards goals before seeking guidance from guides.
Numerology can help identify obstacles and strengths on one's life path.
Deep meditation and sound healing are recommended to connect with guides.
Personal experiences highlight the power of asking for help and finding light in dark moments.
Fear can be combated with spiritual principles.
Importance of gratitude, love, and shifting frequency during challenging times.
Personal experiences of connecting with departed loved ones for comfort and guidance.
Belief in divine order and potential for growth during difficult moments.
Downsizing home and focusing on group workshops due to health reasons.
Dedication to teaching and serving others despite physical limitations.
Importance of Surrender and Trust in Healing Journey.
Speaker emphasizes the significance of surrender and trust in overcoming challenges and trauma.
Personal experiences shared include finding comfort in numerology and soul work.
Healing power highlighted in letting go of fighting and surrendering to uncertainty.
Impact of finding peace in difficult situations reflected upon by the speaker.
Angel numbers and signs like 33 and 11 provide guidance and comfort, symbolizing angelic presence and empowerment.
After surgery, the speaker found strength in these numbers, aiding in a difficult recovery process.
Tips are shared on shifting into a higher frequency, emphasizing gratitude and viewing challenges as sacred acts.
Focusing on others and feeling the presence of spirits helps in raising one's frequency during challenging times.
The power of sending unconditional love to others can shift our frequency and bring positivity.
Looking for a higher meaning during times of crisis can help navigate the experience.
Challenges should be viewed through the lens of the soul rather than the ego mind.
Every situation is an opportunity for growth.
A personal story about finding a gift within a difficult diagnosis is shared, encouraging viewers to believe in positive outcomes.
Using comedy movies as therapy to cope with a difficult diagnosis.
Importance of laughter in tough times for mental health.
Promoting upcoming workshops and group online readings on numerology and intuitive readings.
Speaking engagements at conferences for grieving parents and near-death studies.
Openness to questions and engagement through their website for further information.
Importance of Connecting with Spiritual Essence for Navigating Pain and Suffering.
Tapping into our higher self allows us to rise above challenges and find solutions.
Laughter is emphasized as a simple tool to shift back into our spiritual core during crises.
The message conveys hope and encouragement to embrace our divine nature and overcome obstacles.
Gratitude expressed for guest and audience support, mentioning YouTube memberships as a way to show further support.